Christian Identity: Who Are You?

March 17, 2014

The Battle for Our Identity (Phil 3:4-11)

  • Putting confidence in the flesh vs.  knowing Christ 
  • Identity confusion
  • Trajectory to Christ

How Do We Define Ourselves?

  1. What Other People Think of Me
  2. Family
  3. Ethnicity
  4. Our Jobs
  5. Self-Talk

How Does the Bible Define Our Identity?

  1. We want the authority of the text and objective truth to define our identity.
  2. Identity confusion comes when the things of this world define us more than God’s Word.

Thinking Theologically/Biblically About Our Identity

Creation (i.e., we are created human beings)

  1. We are image-bearers. 
  2. We are finite.
  3. We are revelation receivers. 

Fall (i.e., we are sinners)

  1. We are self-worshippers. 
  2. We are self-deceived. 

Redemption (i.e., we are redeemed)

  1. We are God-worshippers.
  2. We are redeemed sinners. 

Practically What Does This Mean for Me?

  1. What is your functional identity? 
  2. Horizontal vs. vertical dynamics?
  3. Ask the question – Why?
  4. Think theologically about your identity. 
  5. A lot of Christians have distorted identities.


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