The State of the Biblical Counseling Coalition

March 5, 2014

BC Movement Series 2014 - The State of the Biblical Counseling Coalition
Bob Kellemen

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Bob Kellemen

BC Movement Series 2014 - The State of the Biblical Counseling Coalition

BCC Staff Note: You’re reading the first of a several-part BCC Grace & Truth blog mini-series on Updates on the Biblical Counseling Movement. We’ve asked several leaders of major biblical counseling organizations to share with you—our readers—what is happening in their ministries. In our first post in this series, we thought it only appropriate to ask Dr. Bob Kellemen, the BCC’s Executive Director, to share an update on The State of the Biblical Counseling Coalition.

Some History…Our Story…

Every January, leaders in government share their “State of the Union” address. Today is not January and the BCC is not a government organization. However, I’m glad for this opportunity to share an update on The State of the Biblical Counseling Coalition.

It was 2010 when several leaders in the modern biblical counseling movement started asking the questions, “How could we be less about our own ministries and more about the ministry of biblical counseling? How could we move from silos to synergy?”

Those questions led to two dozen leaders gathering on three different occasions to prayerfully ponder whether it could be helpful to the biblical counseling movement if leaders gathered together for:

Collaborative relationships that resulted in robust resources that could multiply the ministry of the biblical counseling movement.

Of course, the answer was, “Yes!” and thus was born, in 2011, the Biblical Counseling Coalition.

And Today…God’s Grace…

From two dozen leaders, we have grown to a network of sixty-two BOD and Council Board Members. For a list of the leadership of the BCC, you can read our recent post, Meet the BCC. Our goal of collaborative relationships leading to robust resources has, by God’s grace, been fulfilled beyond our wildest dreams.

It wasn’t even on our radar to produce coalition books. But God had other ideas. Our first book, Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling was co-authored by 40 leaders in the biblical counseling movement. In October 2014, Zondervan will be releasing our second coalition book, Scripture and Counseling: God’s Word for Life in a Broken World, which was co-authored by two dozen leaders in the movement. We will release our third coalition book in 2015, Biblical Counseling and the Local Church with three dozen co-authors.

Those collaborative relationships are sustained, in part, by our annual BCC Leadership Retreat. Each year four dozen BCC leaders gather for three days of iron sharpening and relationship building. You can read about the 2013 BCC Leadership Retreat here, here, here, and here.

Of course, you’re reading right now one of the many results of these collaborative relationships leading to robust resources—the BCC’s Grace & Truth Blog. Since March 2011, we have blogged every day for three years without interruption. We have also posted at least one book review for the past 175 weeks. And we have collated 100s and 100s of free resources for your life and ministry.

We want our collaborative relationships to extend to you! So we’ve also created a unique and mutually beneficial way for you to connect with the BCC—the BCC Partners Ministry. You can learn more about this vital way to connect with us here.

And Into the Future…God’s Leading…

Just this week we announced the transition to a new leadership team. In January 2015, I (Bob Kellemen) will be transitioning out of my role as Executive Director and into a new role as Resource Director. I’ll be able to focus on my passion for bringing people together to produce robust resources like our books, blog posts, book reviews, and free resources. And Garrett Higbee will be stepping into the role as Executive Director. I was actually the first among many people who recommended Garrett. He is a great friend and a great leader who is gifted in bringing people together and in growing para-church organizations for God’s glory.

Garrett and I and the BCC BOD and CB dream of the BCC expanding its impact internationally. We want to do whatever we can to help other countries to launch their own version of the BCC. And we want to see resources translated in a multitude of languages.

We also dream of ministering to biblical counselors. Who counsels and mentors the counselors? We’d like to assist our movement in assisting our leaders.

While we believe that God has allowed us to assist in uniting the modern biblical counseling movement, we would like to further expand the movement. So we also dream of the day when the sufficiency of Scriptures for life in a broken world is the norm in the Evangelical world. We want to continue to provide a growing voice for a positive presentation that promotes personal change centered on the Person of Christ through the personal ministry of the Word.

Join the Conversation

In your thinking, what is the state of the biblical counseling movement?

What suggestions, ideas, and counsel do you have for the Biblical Counseling Coalition that could help us to multiply the ministry of the biblical counseling movement?