The BCC Announces a New Leadership Team

March 4, 2014

The BCC Announces a New Leadership Team

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The BCC Announces a New Leadership Team

In 2010, when the Biblical Counseling Coalition was in pre-launch mode, the Board of Directors (BOD) asked Dr. Bob Kellemen to prayerfully consider becoming the BCC’s founding Executive Director. When Bob agreed to take on this role, he asked the BOD if it could be with an annual one-year contract. Bob sense that “for such a time as this” he could assist in launching the BCC, but that God might have other long-term plans for his ministry.

It was with that background in mind that Dr. Kellemen approached the BCC BOD in July of 2013 to begin a discussion about an 18-month transition from the role of Executive Director, with a target date of January 1, 2015 for a new Executive Director. That led to an eight-month search for a new BCC Executive Director.

The President of the BCC’s BOD, Dr. Deepak Reju, released the following statement regarding this transition:


“After an eight-month search, the BCC Board of Directors is excited to announce that we have found our next Executive Director, and we get to keep our old one, sort of…

The BOD is grateful to God for his provision of our new Executive Director. We want to inform you that Dr. Garrett Higbee will be assuming the role of Executive Director officially in 2015 (at 50% time) and will be working closely with Dr. Bob Kellemen in the second half of 2014 (at 50% time) to assure continuity and gain momentum moving into 2015.

Garrett will focus on collaborative relationships and advancing the BCC’s mission of multiplying the ministry of the biblical counseling movement. Garrett will use the other 50% of the time to continue to work at the church he dearly loves—Harvest Bible Chapel. The senior leaders at Harvest have been very supportive and excited for Garrett to take on this new role with the BCC.

The BOD is thankful to God for Dr. Bob Kellemen and Bob’s vital role in launching the BCC. But here is more wonderful news: Bob has agreed to stay on board and assume the role of Resource Director in 2015 at 50% time under Garrett’s leadership. Bob will focus on overseeing our development of robust resources as he continues to bring excellence to our book projects, blog posts, books reviews, and our website resources.”

Dr. Steve Viars, the Vice President of the BCC’s BOD, noted that:


“For me, this is one of those ‘exceedingly abundantly above all that I could ask or imagine’ situations. When Bob first approached us about transitioning from the role of Executive Director, I never could have imagined that we might be able to have him stay on in the vital role of Resource Director. And I never would have imagined that Garrett Higbee might be able to step into the role of Executive Director so that we could move to the next stage in God’s plan for the BCC. I could not be more thrilled with the teaming of Garrett and Bob. Their gift-set so ideally matches what we need as we continue to advance the ministry of the biblical counseling movement.”

Incoming Executive Director, Dr. Garrett Higbee, shared:

Dr. Garrett Higbee

“It is our time. Time to continue to grow as a unified movement known for collaborative relationships and mutual love and respect for one another. Now is the time to unite our best leaders and resources into a movement that is so clear and compelling that even our skeptics are jealous to be a part of it.

We want to bring up the next generation of biblical counseling leaders in a culture of truth and unity in the spirit of John 17:20-23. If we can’t get along and build something together, who can? We hope not only to be a platform for best practices, but a place where leaders can come for care, counsel, and advise when they hit a wall. I ask you to pray for us and partner with us.”

Dr. Bob Kellemen, speaking about the transition noted:

Dr. Bob Kellemen

“I’m thrilled at the prospects of working with and for Garrett and the BCC BOD as Resource Director. This role will allow me to continue my passion for helping our movement offer the best of the best in resources for biblical counseling and discipleship. It will also allow me to use the other 50% of my time for other roles God is calling me into in the areas of teaching, equipping, counseling, and shepherding. I look forward to this next stage as we continue to multiply the ministry of the biblical counseling movement.”

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