Gospel Shepherding: Listen

November 22, 2013


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How do I practice the Listen Rhythm as a Gospel Shepherd?

No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit. Each tree is recognized by its own fruit. Luke 6:43-44

Since every issue in life is a reflection of what is in our hearts, we need to learn how to go from fruit to root. 

Listen backward through his Word and forward through his Spirit

Hold their life and story up to the light of the Scriptures.  Pray before you meet.  Pray after you meet and ask the Spirit to transform their life.  Pray between meetings and ask God to tell you what to ask/say.  Jot down additional thoughts.  Pray while you meet and speak the truth in love!  Use these questions sets to guide your conversation.

What is your biggest sin issue?
What is the sin beneath the sin?  What is the heart idol behind this sin?
What are you really saying to God about him as you commit that sin? 
How is that distorted worship? What character or scene in The Story does that remind you of? 
What do you deserve for your sin? 
What scene from The Story illustrates what you and I deserve for our sin?
What truth about God do you need to be reminded of regularly? 
How are you tempted to NOT worship him, and what does right worship of him sound like in this area? 
What scenes from The Story convince you that THAT is who God really is?

Who is God?   How do you view him?
What has he done for you? 
Who are you in light of that?  What do you believe about your identity?  How do you know you’re worth anything?
How should you live as a result?  Where is the fruit of the Spirit present or absent in your life?

Here’s another tool to help you go from fruit to root.  Listen for the fruit of idolatry/believing lies about God.

GOD IS GREAT, so I don’t have to look elsewhere for salvation & security. I don’t have to be in control. (listen for fear, worry, anxiety, stress)

GOD IS GLORIOUS, so I don’t have to look elsewhere for significance & purpose. I don’t have to fear others.  (listen for pride, insecurity, need for approval, selfishness, fear of man)

GOD IS GOOD, so I don’t have to look elsewhere for satisfaction & joy. I don’t have to meet my needs anywhere else. (listen for comfort, self-medicating, substance abuse)

GOD IS GRACIOUS, so I don’t have to look elsewhere for acceptance & approval. I don’t have to prove myself.  (listen for pride, insecurity, guilt, self-righteousness, performance, ungratefulness)

The goals

  • What is the true nature of the sin?  What is this person actually saying to God about himself?
  • Is the person’s understanding of the magnitude of the cross increasing? 
  • What does right worship look and sound like for this person in this area of their life?

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