Is God Anti-Gay? Review

October 30, 2013

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Piercing Clarity

Surely one of the most difficult issues facing the church is the current discussion regarding homosexuality and same-sex attraction (SSA). The current nature of our discourse is to label anyone who disagrees or who believes in absolute truth as a bigot, close-minded, or homophobic. 

In this small and concise book—Is God Anti-Gay?—UK pastor Sam Allberry writes with piercing clarity on this incredibly important topic. Using his own life as the personal core, Allberry writes as one who has experienced and struggled with same-sex attraction. In the introduction though, he helpfully elaborates on why he would not want to be defined by his struggle:

“[But] describing myself like this is a way for me to recognize that the kind of sexual attractions I experience are not fundamental to my identity. They are part of what I feel, but are not who I am in a fundamental sense. I am far more than my sexuality” [author emphasis].

In the space of five short chapters, Allberry covers an amazing amount of territory. I was pleasantly surprised to see that many books, which take pages to cover similar material, were handled here with biblical clarity and practical winsomeness. There is no pontificating here, but a man who has been changed by the gospel of Christ seeking to help us think biblically about this issue.

Biblical Change

Allberry’s view of biblical change in relationship to sexuality was one that I found both biblically sound, yet practically realistic. He writes of the believer struggling with SSA, “I believe that change is possible, but a complete change of sexual orientation is never promised in the Bible.” He goes on to give a few anecdotes of those believers who have come to faith in Christ and had their sexual orientation shift and change, while others have chosen to remain celibate. In all of this, Allberry writes with great hope in acknowledging that we are new creations in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17), but that aspects of this are still to come (Romans 8:23).

Heartily Recommended

I would heartily recommend this book to anyone who wants to think soundly and biblically about SSA and homosexuality. While some books can get easily mired in the exegetical arguments for/against homosexuality, Allberry writes first about God’s overall design for sexuality, and then draws his arguments about homosexuality from that. 

Here are links to an interview with Sam Allberry and two other fellow UK pastors who struggle with SSA and a piece Allberry did for The Gospel Coalition on “Can the Gospel Be Good News to Gays?” 

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