Will You Become a Biblical Counseling Coalition Partner?

October 24, 2013

BCC Partner Program

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As we travel around the country speaking on behalf of biblical counseling and the Biblical Counseling Coalition, we’re so encouraged by testimonies. One common theme is, “How do you provide so many free resources?” And, “You’re a relatively young organization, but you produce more robust resources than just about anyone in the Christian blogging world!”

The Lord has graciously blessed the Biblical Counseling Coalition to fulfill our mission and vision of multiplying the ministry of the biblical counseling movement through collaborative relationships and robust resources.

We have done so on a very lean and efficient budget. And we have done so because of the giving of several churches, a small number of philanthropic groups (ministry grants), and through the generous donations of people like you who have been encouraged by our ministry.

How You Can Give Back

If the Biblical Counseling Coalition has been a blessing to you with our robust resources, would you consider becoming a BCC Partner?

This is a fast and easy way to help us to continue to offer you and people literally around the globe access to free resources that promote personal change centered on the Person of Christ through the personal ministry of the Word.

The Biblical Counseling Coalition has launched the BCC Partners to create a pathway toward connection with the BCC. BCC Partners have the opportunity to show support of, benefit from, and participate in our mission of collaborative relationships and robust resources.

Individual Partners can go here to sign up and make a contribution of just $30 per year.

Organizational Partners can go here to sign up and make a contribution of just $50 per year.

In addition to helping advance the mission of the Biblical Counseling Coalition, you will be listed on our Partner Page.

Also, you will receive a unique monthly Partner Resource PDF—typically between 24 and 48 pages of resources on a biblical counseling theme/topic. For example, so far since we launched the BCC Partners in mid-2013, our Partners have received:

  • June 2013: Biblical Counseling and Mental Illness
  • July 2013: Biblical Counseling, Grief, and Depression
  • August 2013: Biblical Counseling, Sexual Sin, and Pornography
  • September 2013: Equipping Biblical Counselors
  • October 2013: Biblical Counseling, Anxiety, Fear, and Worry

But What If I’m Already a Partner?

If you’re already a Partner, then please send others to our Partner Ministry Page.

And, you could always choose to donate above and beyond your yearly Partner Contribution. For easy and secure online giving (or for instructions for giving by mail) please visit the BCC Donate Page.

Recently a pastor sent in a donation to the BCC with these words of testimonial.

“I have greatly appreciated the Biblical Counseling Movement since being introduced to it about 17 years ago as I attended Faith Baptist Church (now Faith Church) in Lafayette, IN. The people involved in Biblical Counseling have encouraged me to carefully exegete Scripture and think thoughtfully through its practical application. And as I have moved into being a pastor of a church in a small town, the Biblical Counseling Coalition blogs and resources have been of great help and encouragement!”

Multiply Your Giving

If this is your testimony and if you are looking for any opportunity to multiply the ministry of the biblical counseling movement, then prayerfully consider a gift to the Biblical Counseling Coalition.

Thank you!

Join the Conversation

How has the ministry of the Biblical Counseling Coalition ministered to you personally and in ministry?

If you are a BCC Partner, how have the unique monthly Partner Resources been of benefit to you?

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