BCC Weekend Resource: A Church Addresses Sexual Abuse—Hope and Restoration

October 19, 2013

The BCC Weekend Media Resource

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The BCC Weekend Media Resource

BCC Staff Note: Often on weekends at the BCC’s Grace & Truth blog, we highlight one of our many (and growing list of) resources. This weekend we make you aware of the resources: A Church Addresses Sexual Abuse—Hope and Restoration after Sexual Abuse by Brad Hambrick. This video is Part One of three; you can also view Part Two here and Part Three here.

A Church Addresses Sexual Abuse: Hope and Restoration

Hour One: Understanding the Disruption

On the weekend of May 18-19 The Summit Church (Durham, NC) addressed the subject of sexual abuse in all of our weekend services. This series is a reflection of those services, the preparation that went into them, and the aftercare that was provided.

We do not propose to have done this weekend perfectly, although we worked diligently to conduct each aspect with excellence. Our hope is that the resources produced will allow other churches to address this needed subject and improve upon our efforts. This is a subject that addresses 20% of our church, community, and world (1 in 4 women; 1 in 6 men). The church cannot be silent.

“If you preach the gospel in all aspects with the exception of the issues that deal specifically with your time, you are not preaching the gospel at all.” Martin Luther

As a part of our aftercare we provided a seminar entitled “Hope & Restoration After Sexual Abuse.” This presentation allowed for both (1) a next step in anonymously exploring how to recover from the experience of sexual abuse, (2) another opportunity to connect individuals with counseling resources, and (3) an opportunity for us to create a resource for our church to use in walking alongside those who have experienced sexual abuse.

Listening Note: If the materials below become overwhelming for you, please feel free to stop the videos and come back to them later. It is good for you to have a voice in how much you can process at one time.

The notebook which accompanies this presentation is available here in PDF form: Hope & Restoration After Sexual Abuse Notes