Why This Vermonter is Going to Texas

September 24, 2013

CCEF Conference

CCEF Conference

BCC Staff Note: The mission of the BCC is to multiply the ministry of the biblical counseling movement. One of the ways we do so is by being a “megaphone” for other biblical counseling organizations. We like to say, “The BCC is not about the BCC; the BCC is about BC.” Today we use our BCC megaphone to help you to learn more—from Robyn Huck—about CCEF’s upcoming conference—Not Alone.

Traveling to Texas

I’ve traveled some, but never made it to Texas. I am absolutely sure it is a wonderful state, but I live up here in New England and have little reason to go there. True, it’s good to experience a new place and for that reason alone, I should be happy that the CCEF conference will be in Frisco, Texas this October 11-13. But I confess; I’m struggling a bit. No offense, Texans, but it’s a long way to go for a two-and-a-half day conference. It will take me a very full day to get there, and another on the way back, if it all goes smoothly. But you know what? There is no hesitation in my decision to go, and I’ll tell you why.

The Subject

I think the core of life really is relationship, so the topic Not Alone meets me where I live. My hope is to bring a renewed sense of God’s intention for each and every relationship back to my home, my church, and my counseling.

The Teaching

Yes, I’m absolutely sure the sessions will be great. This will be my sixth CCEF conference and I’ve taken all the CCEF classes—but I’m going to this conference still expecting to learn. I do every time I sit under these teachers. They help me understand Scripture in fresh ways. They challenge me to stay adhered to truth and dependent on grace—not only as I counsel—but also as I encounter people in the entire realm of life.

The People

I have a whole group of friends that I only see at CCEF conferences. And believe me when I tell you—these are wonderful people! They are folks whose ultimate desire is to love God and live the Gospel. These are the kinds of people I want to hang out with as much as possible! If this will be your first conference, I urge you to come with the goal of meeting some of the terrific folks attending. I think you’ll find they want to meet you, too. Maybe you’ll encourage each other, and make connections that continue beyond the conference and maybe even beyond the border! There will be Christians there from all over the world. It’s an exciting time of opportunity and fellowship.

The Worship

Here in Vermont, there are absolutely no opportunities to worship with more than 300 or so people (that’s a lot for up here). Maybe seeing a crowd of a couple thousand Christians gathered in one place is old hat to you, but it certainly isn’t for me. Worship with this huge group is one of my favorite parts of the conference. The singing! Wow, I can’t wait!

The Refreshment

Every CCEF conference has been nourishment to me. I come away with a smile that goes right down to my bones. I get back home with an enthusiasm for… everything, really. It kind of feels like my life glows a little brighter for a while. Maybe even forever, I don’t know.

Whether you are new to CCEF or have been though every class, this conference is for you. Please come. I’m quite sure you’ll be very glad you did.