What If…

September 19, 2013

What If?

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Sue Nicewander

What If?

In the spirit of Amy Carmichael’s thoughtful booklet If, I started to think What If…

What if…

  • believers really lived according to Scripture—the Book we claim to believe?
  • we prayed as a first response?
  • we talked about the Gospel as often as we talk about the weather?
  • we embraced God’s will with higher priority than our will?
  • knowing and worshipping Him became more important to us than getting things from Him? Or, getting things done?
  • we answered kindly and acted for the well-being of our crabby neighbor or our incompetent server?
  • we were patient and friendly when inconvenienced…especially while driving?
  • we thought about our spouse’s concerns before our own?
  • we thought about our enemy’s concerns before our own?
  • we really believed that God put our president into office and that He had a good purpose for doing so?
  • we prayed primarily for things of eternal value?
  • we had more passion for Christ than we do for sports?
  • we gave more energy, time, and money to serve Christ than to entertain ourselves?
  • we longed for something better than a fairy tale life?

What if…

  • today is the last day I’ll get to speak with that friend, family member, or coworker?
  • tomorrow everything I own would go up in smoke?
  • God would post a YouTube video of my thoughts for the past two days?
  • when everything goes wrong, I would respond as though God’s grace really is sufficient for me?
  • thanksgiving was a habit of mine?
  • I cared about the souls sitting next to me and let them know in ways that were meaningful to them?
  • I purposed to cooperate with God’s solutions for my local church?
  • someone seriously sinned against me and I forgave them at great personal sacrifice (as Christ did for me)?

What if…

  • instead of mentally and verbally rehearsing people’s faults, we rehearsed Scripture?
  • instead of worrying about the future, we rejoiced in God’s sovereignty?
  • instead of mourning over loneliness, we were grateful for Christ’s eternal presence?
  • instead of seeking my own way, my heart sought God?
  • instead of fitting Scripture into my counsel, I sought God’s counsel in His Word?

What if I…

  • really wanted to know to what extent I was wrong?
  • accepted and honestly considered how I might correct my part of a problem?
  • asked someone’s forgiveness without expecting anything in return?
  • gave sacrificially?
  • understood who I am as a child of God in Christ?
  • really accepted that I will never be worthy of His grace, but that He gives it to me anyway?
  • truly believed that, in Christ, I have been raised to abundant life—not misery—for all eternity?
  • lived with hope in my Savior rather than in my journey?
  • welcomed trials as useful gifts from the hands of a faithful God?
  • thanked God for the troublesome people who push me into closer relationship with Him?
  • yielded my heart and mind to God?
  • sought Christ more than explanations?
  • honestly admitted my part of the mess?
  • let God—not pride—lift me up?
  • discerned the right questions and studied God’s Word to learn His perspective on them?
  • watched, believing that Christ might come today?
  • saw myself as I really am?
  • loved truth more than comfort, power, or self-esteem?
  • sought God (not just advice, information, or emotional balm) through His Word?
  • honestly discerned error and faced Truth?
  • learned to pray (not just how to pray)?
  • learned to speak truth into my culture?
  • loved as Christ loves, so that I care more about people’s souls than about how they affect me?
  • had the mind of Christ, so that I care more about how God sees my enemy than what my enemy thinks about me?

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