The BCC Weekend Media Resource: The Austin Stone Church Interviews Paul Tripp

September 7, 2013

The BCC Weekend Media Resource

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The BCC Weekend Media Resource

BCC Staff Note: Often on weekends we highlight one of our free resources. This weekend’s resource is a video interview that the counselors at the Austin Stone Counseling Center recently did with Dr. Paul Tripp (author, speaker, counselor) where they asked him about counseling and the church. Watch the first video below as he discusses the role of community in counseling. This resource originally appeared on Austin Stone Counseling Center website and is used with permission.

2 thoughts on “The BCC Weekend Media Resource: The Austin Stone Church Interviews Paul Tripp

  1. I love Paul Tripp and his ministry. But does the Biblical Counseling Coalition think that Austin Stone offers Biblical counseling as defined by the Bible (and NANC)? Please take a look at this excerpt from Austin Stone Counseling Center’s FAQ
    , noting the info from “Are Your Counselors Licensed?” and “What is a Licensed
    Professional Counselor?” Have I interpreted it correctly; namely, that they
    require a degree from those institutions that the state of Texas deems to be an accredited university (that means secular, to me, for the most
    part)? Also, under “What is an Advocate?”, church leaders and lay counselors
    get to sit in with [MY WORDS HERE} “THE PROFESSIONAL” ? That’s not the way I
    read 2 Peter 1:3; Psalm 1:1; 1 Thess. 5:14 and others. This is the way that
    integrationist counseling works. The counselors may very well
    have a Christian faith, but for the ministry to require State Licensure
    and it’s requirement of secular training makes me wonder. Licensure may protect the church from being sued, but the State has no Biblical
    right to be involved in supervising the pastoral shepherding of souls. Unfortunately,
    with the true Biblical counseling movement growing since the late 1970’s,
    integrationist groups are massaging their vocabulary and calling themselves
    Biblical counselors. Take a look at this group’s counselors’ bio pages, too. Does anyone other than me find it curious that not one of them states an affiliation with either NANC or IABC?

  2. Dear NANC-Certified in Austin,

    This is Bob Kellemen, BCC Executive Director.

    First, I appreciate your reaching out and sharing your comments,
    thoughts, and concerns.

    Second, as a matter of policy, the BCC would not necessarily
    endorse everything about an organization whose interview we re-post. Just as I would assume that Paul Tripp does not necessarily endorse everything about every organization that interviews him. We do guard carefully what we post and we do vet individual posts/interviews—all content must align with our BCC
    Mission/Vision, our BCC Doctrinal Statement, and our BCC Confessional Statement.

    Third, I do know that the leadership at Austin Stone Counseling
    affirms the BCC’s Doctrinal/Mission/Confessional Statements. I also saw that their site highlights several biblical counseling organizations that they connect with (ABC/CCEF). Some readers and contributors to the BCC are more closely affiliated with NANC, others with IBCD, others with IABC, others with ABC, and others with CCEF, etc. We respect that.

    Fourth, as a coalition, one of our goals is to provide many
    voices within the boundary-set of our BCC Mission/Doctrinal/Confessional Statements. For example, when it comes to licensure, members of our BOD/CB would have varying perspectives. You may find of interest a three-part series
    we did on licensure. Part One:
    Part Two:
    Part Three:

    Fifth, I would be glad to continue this conversation…if you
    would like to set up a call, please email me at: [email protected]. Others who want to use this comment thread to expand this conversation are, of course, welcomed to share.

    In Christ’s Grace,


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