Friday’s 5 to Live By

August 30, 2013

Friday's Five To Live By 2012

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Friday's Five To Live By 2012

Each Friday our BCC staff links you to the top five biblical counseling and Christian living blog posts of the week—posts that provide robust, rich, and relevant insights for living.

The Price of Citizenship

Al Mohler writes:

“Anyone who still doubts that the normalization of homosexuality and the legalization of same-sex marriage will represent a seismic shift in the culture at large needs only to look to New Mexico to see that nothing less than religious liberty is now under threat—and in a big way.”

Read the rest of his insights at It is the Price of Citizenship.

Jay Adams on How to Pray Effectively

Jay Adams asks us to “listen to how Daniel bases his great prayer of confession in Daniel 9: ‘For we are not presenting our petitions before You based on our righteous acts, but upon Your abundant compassion (v. 18).’” Read the rest of Jay’s thoughts in How to Pray Effectively.

Gospel-Centered Self-Counsel

Bob Kellemen explains that:

“The gospel of Christ’s grace deals thoroughly both with the sins we have committed and with the evils we have suffered.”

Learn more about the gospel for suffering in Gospel-Centered Self-Counsel.

Jesus on Every Page

A few weeks ago, David Murray sat down and thought, “I wonder if I could write a poem about Christ in each book of the Old Testament.” Well…he did. And not only can you read it, you can listen to David share it with a group of children from his church in My Attempt to Mimic John Piper.

How Does a Pastor Determine Whether He Can/Should Conduct a Wedding?

Pastor Brian Croft notes that, “I am consistently asked about the circumstances surrounding weddings.  What makes it permissible or not to conduct a wedding in ‘this or that’ situation?” Read his response in How Does a Pastor Determine Whether He Can/Should Conduct a Wedding? 

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