Christ Formed in You Recommendation

July 10, 2013

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A Rare Blend

Shorter than a book review but longer than a tweet, these book recommendations for the counselor’s ministry will whet your appetite to engage with books that will build your ministry by equipping you to change lives with Christ’s changeless truth.

Christ Formed in You by Brian Hedges

Hedges’ sub-title communicates well: The Power of the Gospel for Personal Change. If that’s not a subject for biblical counselors, I don’t know what is.

Hedges provides a rare balance of gospel-centered indicative insights (who we are in Christ) with gospel-centered imperative implications (how we live out the Christian life through Christ). The first section provides the direction or goal; section two the pattern of change including the affections, mortification, vivification, and motivation; section three highlights the biblical “means of grace.”

Without outlining the book as Creation-Fall-Redemption-Consummation, it clearly follows that theological motif, thus offering the counselor a comprehensive look at our original state, the problem, and the pattern of change.

Christ Formed in You reads like a modern-day Puritan manual on Christian living—but without the wordiness and archaic words of our wonderful Puritan forefathers.

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