Partner with the BCC: Our New BCC Partner Program Q&A

May 20, 2013

BCC Partner Program

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BCC Partner Program

The BCC has just launched the BCC Partner Program. It is a significant new way that you can partner with the BCC in accomplishing our mission of multiplying the ministry of the biblical counseling movement.

Our BCC Partner Program Q & A serves as a great way to introduce you to this new opportunity.

1. What is the new BCC Partner Program all about?

The BCC Partner Program is a unique new way to take part in the BCC and the biblical counseling movement. BCC Partners have the opportunity to show support of, benefit from, and participate in our mission of multiplying the ministry of the biblical counseling movement through collaborative relationships and robust resources.

2. Who is the BCC Partner Program for?

The BCC Partner Program is for individuals and organizations that are looking to expand their online footprint while helping to support the movement of biblical counseling simultaneously. BCC Partners have stated in writing that they are in agreement with the BCC Confessional Statement, Doctrinal Statement, and Mission/Vision Statement, and so join together in advancing the biblical counseling movement.

3. How is this program different from others?

The BCC’s Partner program is a high-octane combination of visibility, partnership, and collaboration. We believe that quality resources should be shared, especially as they help lay counselors, pastors, students, and teachers in promoting solid biblical counseling. The BCC Partner Program is the only one of its kind where partners gain the kind of targeted visibility they’re looking for while obtaining excellent biblical counseling resources from across our networks, thus better equipping you for ministry and growing awareness of the biblical counseling movement.

4. What are the benefits of becoming a BCC Individual or Organizational Partner? Here are the ABC’s:

  • Access to Exclusive Partner Resources: The opportunity for you and/or up to twenty members of your organization to sign up for the BCC Partner E-Source Connection, a BCC Partners-only email with exclusive BCC resources organized by category, along with other information designed to equip you to promote personal change centered on the Person of Christ through the personal ministry of the Word. Learn from some of the most well-known and trusted biblical counselors in the nation and world in this exclusive content. For example, the June Partners-only resource is a 36-page PDF on Biblical Counseling and Mental Illness co-authored by several leaders in the biblical counseling movement.
  • Branded Visibility: The opportunity to be listed on the BCC website in a listing of contact information of individuals and organizations who have BCC Partner Status. This is a high value-add for any individual or organization’s online presence and with our large and growing audience, the BCC website is a true hub of what’s going on in the world of biblical counseling.
  • Commitment to Biblical Counseling: The BBC is a trusted organization and resource in the world of biblical counseling. Being a BCC Partner is your personal chance or your organization’s chance to make a clear statement and add your voice to the growing movement in the world of biblical counseling. Being able to state on your website and marketing material that you are “A Partner of the BCC,” is your opportunity to stand together with us as we affirm the confessions, doctrine, and vision of the Biblical Counseling movement

5. What does it cost to become a BCC Partner?

  • Individuals: $30.00 (to be renewed annually as Partnership dues)
  • Organizations: $50.00 (to be renewed annually as Partnership dues)

6. How do I get started?