The BCC Weekend Megaphone: The Master’s Seminary Lectures Now Online

March 16, 2013

Part of the BCC’s vision is to be a “megaphone” for biblical counseling, discipling ministries, and pastoral shepherding. Nathan Busenitz of The Master’s Seminary has given the BCC permission to repost his blog about great new online resources from TMS.

The Master’s Seminary Lectures Now Online

Earlier this month, The Master’s Seminary launched its Theological Resource Center (TRC) — an online hub for ministry-training resources. Because many pastors around the world will never be able to attend seminary in the United States, the TRC extends the resources of TMS and its partner ministries to those who cannot come to us. The website is designed for both personal edification and for use in a group settings.

The featured resource on the site is a growing library of video lectures taught by the TMS faculty. These lectures can be watched, free-of-charge, by anyone with an internet connection. The site currently contains seven full courses, consisting of 162 individual lectures. Over the next few months, the library will grow to include over 20 courses, offering hundreds of hours of seminary-level lecture content. When complete, this online video library will cover a wide range of topics including Bible Survey, Grammar and Exegesis, Systematic Theology, Historical Theology, and Biblical Counseling.

Additionally, the TRC is designed to help visitors easily find additional resources from the seminary’s partner ministries: The Masters’ College, Grace Community Church, the Shepherds’ Conference, and Grace to You. Everything from sermon transcripts to chapel messages to conference audio to journal articles is easy to locate and utilize.

So take a few minutes to poke around the new site. Bookmark it now; and come back often to access new lectures as they become available.

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  1. The link I just posted worked, but I neglected to ask you to put in “Karen Reid and My Intercessor” in the search bar after you click the below link. Then for a laugh put in “Karen Reid and Strange Fire” in the search bar, then for even more of a laugh put in “Karen Reid and This Thorn” (God gave me a wonderful gift for satire as well as an awesome dream in 1973 in which He told me, “Repent NOW. Turn from your sin NOW.” Please click the link below. God bless.

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