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March 15, 2013


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Friday's Five To Live By 2012

Each Friday our BCC staff links you to the top five biblical counseling and Christian living blog posts of the week—posts that provide robust, rich, and relevant insights for living.

God Is the Gospel

“The ultimate end of the gospel is coming home to God.” So writes John Piper in the Resurgence blog post Brothers, God Is the Gospel. Read the post to learn Piper’s six aspects of the complete gospel story.

Why Ed Welch is a Counselor

Also from the Resurgence is this video interview of Ed Welch by Justin Holcomb: Why Ed Welch Is a Counselor.

John MacArthur on the Resurrection of Jesus

Easter is not a one-day event for the Christian—or for the cosmos. Easter is a 365-day celebration with eternal implications. Read John MacArthur on the Resurrection.

The Long View on Pain

At Gospel-Centered Discipleship Jude St. John writes about How Do We Respond to Pain?

Day of Atonement: Model or Copy?

At Ligonier Ministries Sinclair Ferguson notes that The Day of Atonement was a Copy of Christ’s Atonement.

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One thought on “Friday’s 5 to Live By

  1. You
    can find the complete answers to atonement in a kindle book called
    Renegade Gospel The Jesus Manifold by Jamey Massengale.

    God is the creator completely soveriegn

    My separation from God is due to my knowledge of good and evil
    because i use it to judge god i.e. why do the innocent suffer etc. is
    an accusation in interrogative format.

    If God is omniscient I cant do other than what God KNEW i would do
    before He created me and He created me as He did; therefore God is
    responsible for my sin

    If God is responsible for my sin then God should die for my sin

    In Jesus God did die for my sin or Jesus as god died for all sin (
    which is by the way the ultimate statement of soveriegnty, where God
    says in essence “I do it all” cause effect and resolution.)

    However Jesus the man did not sin nor was He under original sin so He
    didn’t deserve to die, but being God as man, now by the rule of
    equity, all men are equal to God, syllogism: Jesus is a man and all
    men are human therefore Jesus is human and Jesus is God therefore all
    men are in Jesus equal to God in their HUMAN/GOD rights.

    Therefore since only God as the “potter” had the rights of life,
    liberty, and property; and since Jesus transfers to all humans like
    Himself those rights, we don’t need a law saying by fiat “thou
    shalt not kill”, because all men now have the right to life; I know
    I violate that right if I kill a man. Thereby the law is fulfilled in
    right-eousness, or “the having of the rights of God”.

    it in a nutshell and it explains a lot of ambiguous statements Paul
    makes. I haven’t quoted much scripture for brevity’s sake but I
    find the Jesus manifold completely supported from genesis to
    revelation. It affirms the homoousion, it satisfies the complete
    taxonomy of sin(ontologic, deontic, and relational), and it satisfies
    all of Abelard’s criteria: 1. it’s logical 2. It’s not
    arbitrary if God is omniscient, therefore actions are predestined,
    and love demand’s it to satisfy the human cry of injustice. 3 It’s
    intelligible being stated capable of syllogistic treatment in plain
    unambiguous language. The implications to a multiverse for an
    omniscient God require He know everything in all possible universes,
    this single incarnation would then only be required in this one to
    satisfy it’s precise constraints, as it exists within the
    multiplicity of universes in God’s consciousness.

    apologize if the first part is ambiguous as to the idea of
    multiverse. Only in science fiction and thought experiment is a
    multiverse with divergent timelines considered. This universe has
    the timline it does because of physical constraints that cannot be
    changed if human life is to exist as it does(see Anthropic
    principle). There are approximately 20 such constraints that are so
    precise the universe would cease to exist as it does if they varied
    even one plank measure. Those multiverses actually possible would be
    defined by changes in those constants. Therefore there can be no
    other universe which would value the atonement as this one
    does(anthropically); however these constants do not forbid
    interactions at the quantum level, and may derive their stability
    from these interactions. In that case the incarnation in this
    universe has it’s meaning only in this universe but would have
    implications to all other possible universes.

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