Comforts from Romans Review (Bible Reading Plan)

February 6, 2013

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BCC Staff Note: Part of the BCC’s mission and vision is to be a megaphone for the best of the best in biblical counseling and Christian living material. We do so frequently at our Grace & Truth blog site. And we do the same here at our BCC Book Review site—often through our author interviews or through our book video trailers. Today we do so in yet another way—by sharing with you an exciting opportunity from Elyse Fitzpatrick and Crossway.

Reboot Your Bible Reading Plan: 31 Days in Romans with Elyse Fitzpatrick

If you never got off the ground with a 2013 Bible reading plan or are so far behind you’ve already thrown in the towel, join us the four Mondays in March (March 4, 11, 18, and 25) on the Crossway blog as we read Romans 1-8 together. Each Monday in March, Elyse Fitzpatrick will share devotional thoughts from Romans, helping us delight in God’s word and rejoice in the gospel in 2013.

Martin Luther once said that the book of Romans “is worthy not only that every Christian should know it word for word…but occupy himself with it every day.” As Elyse put it in Comforts from Romans, “We should be like little children screaming, “Again! Again!” when we hear the gospel, and never let our calloused hearts grow tired of it.”

So join us for the four Mondays in March (March 4, 11, 18, and 25) as Elyse encourages us again from Romans 1-8. We invite you to bring questions, insights, and interact in the comments section. Elyse will be interacting with readers through the comments section.

For more devotional material to accompany Reboot with Romans, check out Elyse’s newest book­: Comfort from Romans: Celebrating the Gospel One Day at a Time.

About Comforts from Romans

Although we may go to bed at night believing the gospel, we wake up every morning needing to hear it again. Yet most of us don’t have time to dive into a lengthy commentary on the book of Romans—the book Paul wrote in order to showcase the glorious riches of the gospel.

Thankfully seasoned counselor and author Elyse Fitzpatrick makes the message of Romans readily accessible in 31 devotional-like chapters on what Martin Luther called “the very purest Gospel.” Perfect for even the busiest of us, Elyse helps us grasp the practicality of the gospel message and experience the deep comforts articulated in the book of Romans.

Endorsements of Comforts from Romans

“There is nothing soft or sentimental about the comfort offered in this book. Instead, it opens our eyes to see the miseries of our self-absorption and self-effort salvation and then applies the substantive, solid comfort of abundant grace, imputed righteousness, purchased peace, blessed wretchedness, no condemnation, no separation.”
—Nancy Guthrie, Bible Teacher; Author, Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament Bible study series

“Elyse’s gratitude for God’s grace spills out onto every page of this book as she opens the pages of her life and comforts us with the comfort she has received from God’s Word. Her theological precision and her joy in God’s extravagant love instructed my mind and thrilled my heart.”
—Susan Hunt, Women’s Ministry Consultant, Christian Education and Publications, Presbyterian Church in America; Author, Spiritual Mothering

Encouragement from the BCC

We’re encouraging readers to pick up a copy of the book to read alongside Romans 1-8 during the month of March (though people can follow along even without the book if they’d like).

Receive a Giveaway Copy of Comforts from Romans

Crossway has graciously provided the BCC with three complimentary copies to provide to some of our readers. If you make a comment in response to our Join the Conversation section below, we will random select three readers to receive a free copy. Please be sure to include an email address where we can contact you.

Join the Conversation

How has Comforts from Romans impacted your life and ministry?

How has God used Elyse’s previous writings in your life and ministry?

How has God used the message of Romans in your life and ministry?


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