Partner with the BCC

January 8, 2013

Bob Kellemen

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Bob Kellemen

Partner with the BCC

Partner with the BCC

Dear Friends of the Biblical Counseling Coalition,

As we enter the New Year, if you have been encouraged by our resources, I would like to ask you to consider giving to the Biblical Counseling Coalition. We are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Together we can promote personal change centered on the Person of Christ through the personal ministry of the Word.

BCC Conference TableThe BCC and You

As you know, the BCC’s vision is unique. We do not strive to promote ourselves, but to strengthen churches, para-church organizations, and educational institutions by promoting excellence and unity in biblical counseling as a means to accomplish compassionate outreach and effective discipleship.

We’re excited about your partnership with us in the mission God has given us: to foster collaborative relationships and to provide robust, relevant biblical resources that equip the Body of Christ to change lives with Christ’s changeless truth.

We thank God for the generous and sacrificial contributions of foundations, churches, para-church organizations, and individuals that have fully funded the BCC from 2010-2012. Our challenge now is to expand our impact so we can continue to be a “megaphone” maximizing the ministry of biblical counselors, biblical counseling churches, biblical counseling para-church organizations, and biblical counseling educational institutions.Our Board of Directors has developed a workable plan to fulfill and fund our mission. We have a very efficient team and a conservative, realistic budget.

BCC Conference Table 2

Vision 2013

Specifically, our financial goal moving forward is to raise $100,000 in 2013 to underwrite the costs of our ongoing ministries and to assist us in launching new initiatives. These ongoing and new initiatives include:

  • To continue to provide 1000s of robust resources, daily blogs, and weekly book reviews through our state-of-the-art coalition website.
  • To continue to promote collaborative relationships through our ministry teams, book co-authoring, and annual leadership retreat.
  • To produce our second BCC book: Scripture and Counseling: God’s Word for Life in a Broken World.
  • To launch BCC Pre-Conferences in conjunction with already-existing biblical counseling organizations.
  • To provide International Consultation for groups around the world who have contacted us about launching biblical counseling coalitions in their countries.
  • To launch the BCC Networks where persons who minister in similar capacities (such as Counseling Pastor, or Seminary Professor, etc.) could connect and network.

Dr. Bob KellemenWould you be willing to make either a monthly commitment or a one-time gift to the BCC in order to partner with us in advancing these important goals in support of biblical counseling around the world? You can give a one-time gift through our safe and easy online giving. To begin a monthly commitment please contact our BCC Development Director, Robin Barnes at: [email protected].

In Christ’s Grace,

Dr. Robert W. Kellemen, BCC Executive Director