20 Most Read BCC Blog Posts of 2012

December 17, 2012


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20 Most Read BCC Blog Posts of 2012

It’s that time of year. At the end of each year we like to direct you to the most read blog posts at the Biblical Counseling Coalition. With these direct links, you can visit or re-visit these top 20 BCC blog posts with biblical insights for your life and ministry.

1. 4 Reasons Men Like Porn by Luke Gilkerson

2. Gracious Candor: A Tutorial in Speaking the Truth in Love by Heath Lambert

3. 10 Ways That Satan Loves to Watch Marriages Fall Apart by Deepak Reju

4. 5 Critical Steps If Your Child Is Hooked on Porn by Sherry Allchin

5. Forgiveness for Moms Who Fail by Robert Jones

6. How Do We Overcome Sexual Sin? by Bob Kellemen

7. Weight Loss, Fear, and Eating Cheeseburgers for the Glory of God by Heath Lambert

8. 5 Things Infertile Couples Want Others to Know by Brian Nicholson

9. Why I Am Not Enough for Him by Sherry Allchin

10. I Messed Up: Confessing Sin to Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Before You Get Engaged by Deepak Reju

11. 5 Reasons I Love Church-Based Counseling by Pat Quinn

12. Equipped to Counsel, Part 1: How We Do Biblical Counseling Training in Our Congregation by Deepak Reju

13. Why We “Care” Instead of “Counsel One Another” by Robert Cheong

14. How to Write a Good Sympathy Card by Paul Tautges

15. Addiction: Rooted in a Disease, Demon, or Decision? by Mark Shaw

16. How to Pray When You’re Depressed: A Look at Psalm 13 by Mark Kelly

17. Jay Adams Is Deep and Compassionate by Bob Kellemen

18. Overcoming Pornography: Recovery or Redemption by Garrett Higbee

19. Why Do I Keep Doing the Same Sin Over and Over Again by Rick Thomas

20. Where’s God? God’s Counsel for the Sick and Dying by Adam Embry

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Which BCC blog post from 2012 (whether in this list or not) was most meaningful/helpful to you? Why?

7 thoughts on “20 Most Read BCC Blog Posts of 2012

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  3. Thank you Bob for a faithful year of ministry and all your efforts to make resources available for those who counsel. Not many years ago, majoring in counseling was not an option for most bible colleges and seminary students. A recent survey of seminary grads from a prominent evangelical seminary indicated that they felt least prepared for the kinds of counseling needs they encountered in ministry. Thanks for your efforts to fill the void!

    Steve Cornell

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