How Biblical Counseling Helped a Person Struggling with the Life-Dominating Sin of Alcoholism

July 31, 2012

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From the Beginning

On Friday afternoon, March 28, 2008, Truth in Love Ministries launched its team biblical counseling ministry by scheduling only sessions utilizing three biblical counselors. It is our value to practice team counseling, or co-counseling, where two biblical counselors work together in the same session. Today, May 18, 2012, TIL continues to practice team biblical counseling with approximately 40 counseling sessions per week and over 70 biblical counselors participating in the greater Birmingham area.

From the beginning, God has yielded His fruit in His ministry. Starting with the very first case, a teenage girl was saved by God’s grace. This testimony is concerned with the other case on that first day of biblical counseling. In that second counseling session on that first Friday afternoon, a young woman was grieving the breakup of a serious relationship. She said she had broken up with him recently because of his lying and deception related to his drunkenness. He persisted in his drinking even though she had tried to help him and given him the book, The Heart of Addiction. Hurting, she had decided not to marry him or pursue the relationship any longer and she was seeking biblical counseling for comfort, understanding, and perspective.