How Biblical Counseling Helped a Person Struggling with “Low Self-Esteem”

July 30, 2012


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The Idol of People-Pleasing

Ever since I can remember, I have had a “self-esteem” problem. I never thought I was worth anything, I did not respect myself, I thought very lowly of myself, and I compared myself to others. I hated things about my body and personality. I was jealous, easily embarrassed, frustrated, impatient, fragile, depressed, easily offended, and always crying. My family told me I lacked confidence and that I needed to love myself more. I was often confused about how needing to be more confident related to pride and about how loving myself related to vanity.

When I took the class Introduction to Biblical Counseling it seemed like a great class—practical and applicable. But I never thought I would learn so much in one class. I am so thankful that God provided my this class in order to help me to look at my heart and uncover its idols. I never have looked at my heart in this way and I think this is a lesson that I will use the rest of my life to address heart idols in my life.