Response Plan for Sexual Abuse against a Minor at Church

June 21, 2012


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This resource is a supplement to the BCC blog post When Prevention Fails: A Sexual Abuse Response Policy for Churches. Please read that blog post for more infiormation on the history of this document.

This policy is crafted primarily for the state of North Carolina. It should not be assumed that the laws and statutes of other states are the same. A legal review of this policy should be conducted before any version of this policy is adopted by a church to ensure that the leaders of that church understand what liabilities and responsibilities they bear.

With that said, it is my prayer that this policy will allow many churches to effectively represent Christ at a time of immense crisis. I pray that the trauma of many children and families will be lessened as God’s people are prepared to respond to one of the greatest tragedies of our day.

I ask that everyone who reads this policy to pray regularly for the protection of children. We know this is very near the heart of God (Matthew 18:6) and our discomfort with the subject should not rob these children of our prayers.

Source: Response Plan for Sexual Abuse Against a Minor.