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May 18, 2012


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Howard Eyrich Mark Shaw
Dr. Howard Eyrich Dr. Mark Shaw


BCC Staff Note: As part of our BCC vision to “be a megaphone” for biblical counseling around the world, we are excited to share the following information about biblical counseling and discipleship training in Birmingham, Alabam, July 19-21 and August 2-4, 2012.

Equipping the Saints

Howard Eyrich (Th.M., D.Min.) of Briarwood Counseling Center; Glenn Waddell (JD) of Birmingham Theological Seminary; and Mark Shaw (D.Min.) of Truth in Love Ministries, have joined together with a power-packed team of instructors “to equip the saints for the work of ministry” (Eph. 4:12) in Birmingham, Alabama. The 3rd Annual Biblical Counseling and Discipleship Training offers thirty hours of intense biblical training over two weekends, July 19-21 and August 2-4, 2012.  It will be held at Briarwood Presbyterian Church, 2200 Briarwood Way, Birmingham, AL 35243.

We are committed to providing you this excellent training opportunity to learn more of God’s Word and how to apply it to real-life problems. Our presenters are not only serious theologians but also compassionate practitioners who are involved in helping hurting souls and watching the Holy Spirit transform lives on a daily basis. We praise the Lord that He is allowing us to offer this rigorous training program which may advance you toward NANC or IABC certification.

Who should consider attending this training?  Pastors, elders, deacons, parents, growing Christians, youth leaders, teachers, students, counselors… all the SAINTS!

By God’s grace, we have a great teaching staff lined up:

  • Pastor Brad Bigney, Dr. Rick Thomas, and Dr. Craig Rowe, NANC Fellow.
  • NANC certified leaders such as Tim Keeter, Tim Brown at His Steps Ministries (Atlanta, GA, area) Dr. Howard Dial, and Dr. Andy Wisner.
  • Local pastors such as Dr. Jeff Robinson (Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood); Deric Thomas (The Church at Brook Hills); Dr. Bart Box (Christ Fellowship Church); Dr. Dave W. Matthews and Dr. Harry L. Reeder, III, both from Briarwood Presbyterian Church.
  • Other experienced teachers and counselors include Dr. Virginia Stewart, IABC; Larry Cockrell; Alonza Jones; Joel Wallace; Joe Medlock; and Dr. Luis Orteza.

Attendees must choose one of four 30-hour tracks to attend from the following areas of concentration:

  1. Fundamentals of Biblical Counseling: This track provides the foundational training you need to counsel biblically. Taking this course also fulfills the first requirement to continue with the NANC certification process because BTS and Briarwood Counseling Center are both NANC certified training centers.
  2. Theology Track: Preparing and Writing Your NANC Certification Exam: The goal of this track is to provide an opportunity for spiritual growth in one’s understanding of God and how His sufficient Word applies to the heart of man. Following each of the lectures on various aspects of practical theology, lab opportunities are given in which you may write your answers to the theology portion of the NANC exam. There will also be in-class opportunities for interactive discussions. *In order to register for this track, you must have completed Fundamentals of Biblical Counseling offered by NANC or a NANC certified training center and completed the required reading for NANC certification.
  3. “Addiction:” A Biblical Perspective: This track, led by Dr. Mark Shaw, provides you with practical tools to address the heart of those enslaved to an “addiction.” All types of “addiction” are increasing in our culture so biblical counselors need to learn how to address these issues utilizing the sufficient Word of Christ.
  4. Marriage and Family Counseling: Dr. Howard Eryich has planned this new track based upon his 40 years of experience working with families in the church counseling context. You will be equipped to handle many of the common problems that will be presented in your ministry from a God-honoring biblical perspective. All the instructors in this track are practitioners who regularly engage in helping families.

While the training is rigorous, our goal is to equip as many saints as possible to do the work of ministry in addressing common problems for the glory of Christ by utilizing God’s Word under the power of the Holy Spirit.

There is a discount for early registration. For more information go to and click on the “NANC Training” button for more information and to register online OR, Email [email protected]

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