Help! I Feel Ashamed Interview

May 16, 2012

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The BCC Author Interview Q & A with Sue Nicewander

As part of our BCC vision, we want to help you to get to know gifted Christian authors and their books. This week we’re highlighting Sue Nicewander as she talks about her book Help! I Feel Ashamed, which is part of the Day One booklet series Living in a Fallen World.

BCC: “Sue, thank you for joining us. Please tell our readers how you got started as a Day One booklet author.”

SN: “Dr. Paul Tautges and I are both from Wisconsin, where we have been aware of one another’s biblical counseling ministries for years. He is pastor at Immanuel Bible Church in Sheboygan, and I am executive director of Biblical Counseling Ministries in Wisconsin Rapids. When we met recently at a conference, Dr. Tautges asked me to consider writing a booklet for Day One.”

BCC: “What motivated you to write about shame?”

SN: “Shame is a common problem. Everyone experiences some form of shame; I see it in the counseling room constantly, and also in myself. Shame is a complex issue that manifests itself in many ways and can be difficult to address. So, as simply as possible, this booklet describes the two kinds of shame and shares how each one is beautifully answered through Jesus Christ.”

BCC: “What factors to you think contribute to shame being such a widespread problem?”

SN: “People can experience shame in two ways. First, personal sin can bring shame because all of us are sinners and our guilt is real. Second, shame can be a response to the sins of others. People feel ashamed when they accept false blame and/or condemnation by another person and then identify themselves accordingly. Since we live in a fallen world among other sinners, it is not surprising that lots of people struggle with shame.”

BCC: “How does Jesus provide hope and help for each type of shame you address?”

SN: “Jesus never accepted the assessments of other people. Instead, He despised shame and showed us how to escape its condemnation. Forgiveness and acceptance come through Him. The booklet explains in practical terms how to receive Christ and accept our identity in Him, thus declawing shame.”

BCC: “How do you hope your booklet will be used?”

SN: “I’d love to see friends, family, pastors, and counselors hand this booklet to someone who feels soiled, rejected, or broken because of shame. Help! I Feel Ashamed presents scriptural principles, charts, scenarios, and practical applications to bring powerful biblical perspective on the problem of shame and to reveal its lasting solution in Jesus Christ.”

BCC: “How can our readers pick up a copy of Help! I Feel Ashamed?

SN: “Orders can be placed at Amazon. Get a few extra copies to share with others.”

BCC: “Thank you, Sue, for introducing our BCC readers to this new biblical resource on dealing with shame.”

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