Friday’s Five to Live By

May 11, 2012


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Friday's Five To Live By 2012

Each Friday our BCC staff links you to the top five biblical counseling and Christian living blog posts of the week—posts that provide robust, rich, and relevant insights for living.

Child-Centered Parenting or Christ-Centered Parenting

Luma Simms offers some very thought-provoking insights at You Do Not Belong to Your Children, You Belong to Christ.

Is Bibliolatry the Real Danger?

Pastor Kevin DeYoung addresses the question, “Which poses the bigger risk of idolatry—a high view of the Bible that sees Jesus submitting to the Scriptures or a low view of Scripture that sees Jesus standing apart from the Scriptures?” Read his response in Is Bibliolatry the Real Danger?

In Christ’s Grace or In Our Performance

Bob Kellemen shares A Prayer for Peace by Grace and Not Performance.

Is Seminary Obsolete?

William B. Evans raises important questions in Is the Seminary Model Obsolete?

The Campus Tsunami

Not only are times changing related to seminary education, David Brooks opines at the New York Times that, “What happened to the newspaper and magazine business is about to happen to higher education: a rescrambling around the Web.” Read his thoughts at The Campus Tsunami.

Join the Conversation

Which post impacted you the most? Why? What blog posts on biblical counseling and Christian living have you enjoyed this week that you want to share with others?

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