Meet the 2012 Biblical Counseling Coalition Leadership Team

May 1, 2012


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Meet The 2012 BCC Leadership Team

We’re excited to introduce you to the 2012 BCC Leadership Team. As the BCC continues to grow, we’ve added a substantial number of biblical counseling leaders to our team. They represent a wonderful cross-section of diverse leaders in the modern biblical counseling world.

Each member of the BCC Board of Directors and Council Board affirms annually their agreement with the BCC’s Doctrinal Statement, Confessional Statement, and Mission/Vision Statement. Please welcome and pray for each leader.

The BCC Board of Directors

  1. Dr. Steve Viars (President), D.Min., Sr. Pastor, Faith Church
  2. Randy Patten (Secretary), M.Div., Executive Director, NANC
  3. Dr. Garrett Higbee (Treasurer), Psy.D., Soul Care Pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel
  4. Dr. John Henderson (Member), Ph.D., Counseling Pastor, Denton Bible Church
  5. Dr. Bob Kellemen (Member), Ph.D., Executive Director BCC, Chairman/Professor of BC Capital Bible Seminary
  6. Dr. Deepak Reju (Member), Ph.D., Pastor of Counseling, Capitol Hill Baptist Church

The BCC Council Board Members

  1. Dr. Ron Allchin, D.Min., Executive Director of the Biblical Counseling Center
  2. Dr. Amy Baker, Ph.D., Resource Director, Faith Ministries
  3. Dr. Ernie Baker, D.Min., Professor of BC, Master’s College and Seminary
  4. Pastor Dwayne Bond, Ph.D. (ABD), Sr. Pastor, Wellsprings Church, Professor of BC, Capital Bible Seminary
  5. Dr. Kevin Carson, D.Min., Pastor, Sonrise Baptist Church
  6. Dr. Robert K. Cheong, Ph.D., Pastor of Care and Counseling, Sojourn Community Church
  7. Dr. Greg Cook, D.Min., Pastor of Soul Care, Christ Chapel
  8. Pastor Jack Delk, M.Div., Pastor of Covenant Member Care, Bethlehem Baptist
  9. Dr. Howard Eyrich, D.Min., Pastor of Counseling Ministries, Briarwood Presbyterian Church
  10. Pastor Andy Farmer, MABC, Counseling Pastor, Covenant Fellowship Church
  11. Elyse Fitzpatrick, MA, Founder, Counsel from the Cross Ministries
  12. Dr. Jeffery S. Forrey, Ph.D., Chair of the Department of BC, Trinity College of the Bible & Theological Seminary
  13. Dr. Rob Green, Ph.D., Pastor of Counseling and Seminary Ministries, Faith Church
  14. Pastor Brad Hambrick, Th.M., Pastor of Counseling, The Summit Church
  15. Dr. Laura Hendrickson, M.D., Founder, Gospel Balm Ministries
  16. Dr. Justin Holcomb, Ph.D., Pastor, Mars Hill, Director of the Resurgence
  17. Pastor Jonathan Holmes, MABC, Counseling Pastor, Parkside Church
  18. Dr. Robert Jones, D.Min., Assistant Professor of BC, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  19. Dr. Heath Lambert, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of BC, Boyce College and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  20. Dr. Tim Lane, D.Min., Executive Director, CCEF
  21. Jeremy Lelek, MA, President, Association of Biblical Counselors
  22. Pastor Lee Lewis, MA, Counseling Pastor, The Village Church
  23. Pastor Ken Long, M.Div., Executive Pastor, Grace Fellowship
  24. Dr. Rod Mays, D.Min., National Coordinator, Reformed University Fellowship
  25. Dr. Jim Newheiser, D.Min., Executive Director, Institute for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship
  26. Dr. Lilly Park, Ph.D. (ABD), Professor of BC, Crossroads Bible College
  27. Dr. Jeremy Pierre, Ph.D., Professor of BC, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  28. Dr. David Powlison, Ph.D., Faculty Member, CCEF
  29. Pastor Lance Quinn, Th.M., Pastor for Grace Advance, Grace Community Church
  30. Pastor Pat Quinn, MA, Counseling Pastor, University Reformed Church
  31. Pastor Buddy Riddle, ADT, Soul Care Pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel
  32. Dr. Stuart Scott, D.Min., Executive Director, The Center for Biblical Counseling, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  33. Dr. Mark Shaw, D.Min., Executive Director, His Truth in Love
  34. Dr. Bob Somerville, D.Min., Professor of BC, The Master’s College and Seminary
  35. Dr. John Street, D.Min., Professor, The Master’s College and Seminary
  36. Paul Tautges, D.Min., Pastor, Immanuel Bible Church
  37. Dr. Charles Ware, D.D., President, Crossroads Bible College
  38. Pastor Mike Wilkerson, BA, Pastor of Biblical Living, Mars Hill Church
  39. Dr. Sam Williams, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Counseling, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  40. Dr. Tom Zempel, D.Min, Care Pastor and Professor of BC, Central Seminary