The Bible Is Shockingly Honest and Gloriously Hopeful

April 25, 2012


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Justin Holcomb did an intriguing interview with Paul Tripp who covered everything from dating to parenting and all the grace between. 


  • Paul Tripp’s Life: 0:20
  • Daily Drive for the Gospel: 1:15
  • Scholar, Counselor, Pastor: 2:45
  • The Relationship between Law and Grace: 3:44

Marriage and the Gospel

  • Law, Gospel, and Marriage: 7:00
  • The Power of Worship in Marriage: 9:45
  • What Is Our Hope in a Broken Marriage? 13:04
  • How Do I Know If I Have Flawed Dating Expectations? 14:15
  • Importance of a Lifestyle of Repentance and Forgiveness: 17:40
  • Why We Get Angry With Our Spouses: 19:12

Parenting in Grace

  • Parenting in Faith: 20:25
  • How to Discipline Children through the Gospel: 25:08
  • Having Sexuality Conversations with Your Kids: 32:00

People Can Change

  • What Happens with Pornography in Marriage: 37:55
  • Can People Really Change? 43:57
  • Grace Is a Process, Not an Event: 48:08
  • Encouragement for Ministry Work: 55:06