Help! I’m a Single Mom

March 14, 2012

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The BCC Author Interview Q & A with Carol Trahan

As part of our BCC vision, we want to help you to get to know gifted Christian authors and their books. This week we’re highlighting Carol Trahan as she talks about her book Help! I’m a Single Mom, which is part of the Day One Living in a Fallen World series.

BCC: “Carol, this is your first book in the Day One Living in a Fallen World series. What motivated you to write on this particular topic?”

CT: “I had the privilege of speaking and sharing my testimony to a group of ladies at the church where Dr. Tautges is the pastor. After speaking, he contacted me to see if I would be willing to write in this series. When he mentioned that the title he wanted me to write on would involve helping single moms, I knew this was something the Lord wanted me to do. As I have been a single mother for almost 18 years, I have a tremendous burden to help single moms as well as those ministering to them.”

BCC: “How does your book seek to assist single moms?”

CT: “In the book I share my testimony of how God has worked in and through my life and the lives of my children to show His love, care, and strength in the midst of our hurt. My goal is to help women view their circumstances through the lens of Scripture rather than from their own understanding. I use the book to help women see the ‘big picture’ and to embrace a God-centered mentality in the midst of their struggles.”

BCC: “What are additional values of and benefits from this book for single moms?”

CT: “My goal is primarily to help single mothers embrace what God wants to do in and through their lives. Being a single parent is a long and lonely road and it is easy to lose hope. I desire to be an encouragement to these women. I also have another purpose in writing this book and that is to assist those in full-time ministry as well as lay people in local churches regarding how they can effectively minister to single moms.”

BCC: “Carol, would you see this as a book only for single moms?”

CT: “Absolutely not! The truths shared are from God’s Word and can be a help to anyone facing trials and heartbreaking scenarios.”

BCC: “How does this book supplement your counseling ministry?”

CT: “Many of the principles I share in the book are the same ones I use when counseling women. There are times when my schedule is very full with teaching and counseling. By using the book as a tool, I can have women start by reading the booklet before we actually meet one-on-one. Since the book is small, it does not intimidate them when I ask them to read it.”

BCC: “Do you typically give them a ‘homework’ assignment from the book?”

CT: “The homework assignment is already in the book with the questions from each chapter. In addition, I may ask them to choose one of the books that are listed in the, “Where Can I Get Further Help” which I can use for homework.”

BCC: What other distinctively Christian resources are available for single moms?”

CT: “To be honest, I have not found very many that deal primarily with single moms that are thoroughly scriptural in their approach. I’m sure there are some but I am not aware of them.”

BCC: “Thank you, Carol, for authoring this valuable resource, and for introducing our BCC readers to it.”

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