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March 2, 2012


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Five to Live By 2012

Each Friday our BCC staff links you to the top five biblical counseling and Christian living blog posts of the week—posts that provide robust, rich, and relevant insights for living.

The Art of Divine Contentment

Pastor Paul Tautges says that some of his best counselors have been dead for many centuries! He’s speaking, of course, of folks like the great Puritan pastors; of folks like Thomas Watson. Tautges shares many gems from Watson, including:

“Here is the difference between a holy complaint and a discontented complaint. In the one we complain to God; in the other we complain of God.”

“If the thing we desire is good for us, we shall have it. If it is not good, then not having it is good for us.”

“God makes our adversity our university.”

“Faith sucks the honey of contentment out of the hive of the promise.”

Read more at: The Art of Divine Contentment.

The Santorum Predicament

Dr. Albert Mohler addresses a “sign of the time”: the liberal elite’s response to Rick Santorum’s moral message. Mohler says in part:

The moral convictions Santorum articulates are deeply rooted in the Christian inheritance of Western civilization, but the denial of that inheritance has been a central aim of moral progressives for years. Even many who style themselves as moral conservatives live like moral liberals, with the rules intended to regulate the lives of others, rather than their own.

When moral conservatives reveal their reasoning, the elites hear the launch of a new Inquisition. It is simply incomprehensible to them that sane, rational, educated people might still believe in the Father of Lies. When Catholic Rick Santorum speaks theologically at Catholic Ave Maria University, the secular elites go into toxic shock. The same would be true of an Evangelical politician who would speak theologically of such issues at a truly evangelical college. Speak on love and you will not be in much trouble, but admit that you believe in the Devil and the press corps will go into apoplexy.

Read the full post at The Santorum Predicament.

Spiritual Map Quest

At his Changing Lives blog, Dr. Bob Kellemen addresses the questions, Is there a biblical model for one-another ministry, biblical counseling, & pastoral counseling? Read his response at Spiritual Map Quest.

What the Church Expects of the Seminary

Marc Cortez at the Transformed blog summarizes Leith Anderson’s perspective on what the church expects of the seminary. While we all might answer this important question differently, Anderson’s responses are helpful in starting an important conversation. Read his thoughts in What the Church Expects of the Seminary.

Resources on Worldview

How do we develop a biblical worldview? Andy Naselli provides an annotated bibliography of resources in Resources on Worldview

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