A Call to Christian Patriotism Interview

February 29, 2012

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As part of our BCC vision, we want to help you to get to know gifted Christian authors and their books. This week we’re highlighting Howard Eyrich as he talks about his book A Call to Christian Patriotism.

BCC: “Howard, thank you for joining us. Tell us what motivated you, as a biblical counselor, to write a book about Christian patriotism.”

HE: “‘What’s with the Patriotic theme? That is not your strength!’ This was the comment of one editor who knows me well. My response was, ‘No, but it certainly is my passion!’ I’ve been troubled all my adult life with the growing disconnects between the Founding Fathers, the historic documents that form the foundation of our nation, and the political realities.”

BCC: “How does your book address those disconnects?”

HE: “I have gone through 52 passages of Scripture and drawn out principles for Christians to contemplate regarding the personal responsibility of being a Christian American. I have set up the book with 52 essays that are devotional in nature. My suggestion is that the reader considers an essay on Monday morning and then meditates upon it the rest of the week.”

BCC: “Sounds like quite the unique book.”

HE: “I think so. In fact, there are at least three things that make it unique. The first is what I just mentioned. It is set up as a weekly reading which develops an interface between biblical principle and citizenship in America. The second is the development of a philosophy of Christian Patriotism—in this case unique to America. The third thing that makes it unique is the call to a commitment to assign oneself a patriotic action for the week.”

BCC: “Howard, do you mean a sort of homework assignment like you would give in counseling?”

HE: “Yes, exactly. Last summer while my whole family was vacationing together I invited them to participate in a round table discussion to help me create a list of at least 50 such practical projects. It was a wonderful exercise to have my children and grandchildren from age five and up help create the list. We did come up with fifty. Later I added another 20. This list is in the appendix to help jump start the reader’s action plan.”

BCC: “So, these are self-assigned homework projects?”

HE: “Yes, at the end of each essay there is a form for the reader to fill out so he can assign him/herself one to three projects for the week and then date them when completed.”

BCC: “What is your vision for the book?”

HE: “My vision is to motivate Christians to become participants in our system of self-governing. This is an incredible gift that God gave us in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. If we continue to fail to participate we will lose this gift. I am hoping that 10,000 Christians will read the book, get involved at least to the level of voting, and that they will buy ten copies and distribute them to engage others in becoming Christian Patriots.”

BCC: “If you had one paragraph to summarize the message of the book, what would you say?”

HE: “My publisher, Focus Publishing, puts it this way. ‘52 weekly lessons on becoming a Christian Patriot. Each lesson correlates with a biblical text, and challenges you to choose from an extensive list of Action Steps. This is a great opportunity to engage the next generation through family study of the principles and standards upon which our country was founded, and how it became a beacon for freedom across the world.’”

BCC: “Thank you, Howard, for writing this unique book to challenge us toward a Christian philosophy and practice of involvement in the political process.”

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