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February 24, 2012


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Friends of the BCC,

This has been a momentous month for the BCC! Not only have we released three new BCC-created video resources, but we also are happy to announce the launch of our first BCC Book List as well. We have continued to feature daily blog posts from leaders in the BC movement, and there is exciting work on a BCC book slated for publication in 2013. You can read more about each below:

New Video Resources

Is Biblical Counseling For or Against Psychology?
David Powlison
Powlison - BC For or Against PsychologyDr. Powlison talks about the potential relationship between biblical counseling and secular psychology, and explores six meanings of the word “psychology.”

A Second Look at Biblical Counseling

Brad Bigney and Garrett Higbee
Bigney & Higbee - A Second LookPastor Bigney and Dr. Higbee talk about how biblical counseling continues to develop, and why it deserves a second look.


Pastors and Biblical Counseling
Brad Bigney and Garrett Higbee
Bigney & Higbee - Pastors and Biblical CounselingPastor Bigney and Dr. Higbee discuss the ongoing developments in the biblical counseling movement, and how it merits a second look by pastors in particular.

Important BC Publications

Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling
New Book Coming in 2013 joint venture with Harvest House Publishers. Forty-one co-authors are working on twenty-eight chapters with a target publication in 2013.

The Return of the JBC

BCC Staff
The Return of theJournal of Biblical CounselingCCEF’s cutting-edge publication, the Journal of Biblical Counseling, returns after a four-year hiatus. Visit our blog to read more.


Recent Book List/Review

9 Top Books on the History of Pastoral/Biblical Counseling
Compiled by Bob Kellemen
9 Top Books on the History of Pastoral/Biblical CounselingThis is the first of many BCC Book Lists intended to provide readers with an annotated and collated list of the most significant books in various categories related to biblical counseling. This List explores 9 books that give “vote and voice” to that “great cloud of witnesses” whose lives and ministries have much to teach us about the personal ministry of the Word.

Curing The Heart: A Model For Biblical Counseling
Howard Eyrich and William Hines
Curing The HeartWhat is biblical counseling? Who is the biblical counselor? How do you counsel biblically? In Curing The Heart, Drs. Eyrich and Hines offer an accessible starting point and framework for lay biblical counselors, Bible college and seminary students, or pastors who are beginning to ask these questions.

We are happy to offer all of these resources free of charge to everyone; this is a key part of our vision and will never change. However, we welcome the financial support of individuals and organizations who are committed to furthering the biblical counseling movement. If you feel led to financially support the ongoing ministry of the BCC, please visit our giving page.

May God bless you as you endeavor to walk through this broken world with heavenly hope, divine peace, and unwavering determination. To God be the glory!

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