The BCC “Megaphone”

February 15, 2012

The BCC “Megaphone”

People ask from time to time, “How is the BCC different from other biblical counseling organizations?”

There are many ways we could answer that, one would be to encourage folks to visit our About Page, and to read:

The BCC Is about BC

Another way we often answer that question is to say:

“The BCC is not about the BCC. The BCC is about BC.”

Think about that. Most organizations, and rightly so, are about advancing their own organization.

The BCC is not about advancing the BCC.

The BCC is about advancing BC: biblical counseling.

The BCC seeks to promote all churches, para-church organizations, schools, and individuals committed to biblical counseling. We seek to promote all those committed to promoting personal change centered on the Person of Christ through the personal ministry of the Word.

A Sampler

The BCC promotes BC in numerous ways, such as:

  • Highlighting and linking to upcoming biblical counseling events through our BC Calendar
  • Highlighting and linking to major biblical counseling events and announcements on our Home Page Banner.
  • The BCC Grace & Truth “Megaphone Posts” where, at least once per week, we devote an entire blog post to highlighting a biblical counseling ministry, event, or announcement.
  • The BCC Grace & Truth Friday Five weekly blog post through which we highlight the top five biblical counseling and Christian living blog posts from around the Christian net.
  • The BCC Grace & Truth Weekend Interview Series where we provide a Q/A with leading biblical counseling churches, para-church organizations, and educational institutions.
  • The BCC’s Free Resources Page where, with permission, we collect, collate, organize, and post the “best of the best” in biblical counseling resources… always linking back and sending visitors back to the originating site.
  • The BCC’s Book Review Page where we provide you with biblical counseling-related book reviews, author interviews, book video trailers, and book lists (top books by categories)—exposing you, again, to the “best of the best” in biblical counseling literature.

Uniting Biblical Counseling Leaders

The original and continuing vision of the BCC includes a two-fold focus:

  • Robust Resources
  • Collegial Relationships

The sampler above highlighted the many ways the BCC points you, our loyal readers, to the “best of the best” in robust biblical counseling resources.

But what about collegial relationships? That’s more “behind the scenes” and less obvious. Here are a few examples of the BCC’s vision of building bridges of iron-sharpening-iron relationships between and among biblical counseling leaders.

  • The Annual BCC Leadership Retreat: Every year over two dozen leading biblical counselors gather for a three-day retreat where we engage in iron sharpening relationships.
  • The BCC Blogging Ministry Team: For 2012, the BCC is excited to announce that we have over four dozen biblical counseling leaders committed to blogging for the BCC’s Grace & Truth blog. A diverse group of biblical counseling leaders from various churches, para-church organizations, and educational institutions are working together to provide you with blog posts that equip you to change lives with Christ’s changeless truth.
  • The BCC Book Review Ministry Team: For 2012, the BCC is excited to announce that we have a diverse group of over two dozen biblical counseling leaders committed to providing book reviews, book interviews, and book lists for the BCC’s book review page.
  • The BCC Think Tank: The BCC has organized a Think Tank of educators, equippers, speakers, and authors who meet in person and online to sharpen one another theologically regarding vital issues related to biblical counseling.
  • The BCC’s Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling Book Project: See our blog post from last week announcing the Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling book project. Over three dozen biblical counseling leaders are working together on this twenty-eight-chapter book.

The Biblical Counseling Coalition believes that by encouraging these types of collegial relationships and joint ministry efforts, we help to advance, not ourselves, but biblical counseling.

Join the Conversation

What other ideas and suggestions do you have for how the BCC can be a megaphone for BC?

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