The BCC Weekend Interview Series: Crossroads Bible College—Online Degrees

February 4, 2012


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As part of our BCC vision, we want to point you to the best of the best in robust, relational, biblical counseling. Each week we’re posting (and then making available as an ongoing resource) interviews with churches, para-church groups, educational institutions, and individuals committed to biblical counseling.

Crossroads Bible College—Online Degrees

This week we highlight the online degree program of Crossroads Bible College in Indianapolis, Indiana. To learn more about their online program, we interviewed the Dean of their School of Online Studies, John Bechtle.

BCC: “John, thanks for visiting with us. Could you tell us what degree programs are available online through Crossroads Bible College?”

JB: “Students can earn a Bachelor of Science with a major in Urban Leadership and a Bachelor of Science with a major in Biblical Counseling. For those who already have an earned Bachelor’s degree in another major, they can earn a Bachelor of Ministry in Urban Leadership or a Bachelor of Ministry in Biblical Counseling. The courses in Biblical Counseling and Urban Leadership are 8 weeks long. Online courses in Bible and general education are available at any time.”

BCC: “What else should students know about these online programs?”

JB: “The online program is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education. These programs qualify for government financial aid programs. The tuition cost is the same as traditional, on-campus programs at Crossroads.”

BCC: “Tell us about the vision of Crossroads and the specific focus of these online programs.”

JB: “Our vision at Crossroads is: Training Christian Leaders to Reach a Multiethnic Urban World for Christ. Crossroads is a specialist in urban leadership and our approach to urban leadership is holistic, contextual, and biblically based. Crossroads is also committed to biblical counseling and our approach to biblical counseling is incarnational, holistic, and biblically relevant.”

BCC: “Who is eligible to take online programs or courses?”

JB: “Entrance requirements for online are the same as those for the campus programs of CBC.”

BCC: “Do students have to come to CBC’s campus to take these courses?”

JB: “No, students can complete the degree in their own location if they are able to make arrangements for specified internship or practicum experiences with local resources. On-campus courses are also available to provide additional experiences that will enrich their training.”

BCC: “How can students view the list of required courses for each online program?”

JB: “Students can visit the Crossroads Web site. Just click the online icon on our home page.”  

BCC: “Can students just take an individual course, or do they have to enroll for an entire program?”

JB: “CBC is currently offering degree programs. Separate courses are available but not through the above programs.”

BCC: “Can students start whenever they want, or are there specific start dates?”

JB: “The online courses in biblical counseling are offered during specific time periods. Students are normally part of a cohort group of students who begin and end the course at the same time. There are two 8-week sessions in the spring and another two sessions in the fall. A limited selection of courses are offered in the summer. In addition, courses in Bible and general education are available all through the year, with frequent starting dates.”

BCC: “How can students see a sample of what an online course is like?”

JB: “Students can go to our Atheneo class site by clicking here and using this sign in: Log-in – demostudent; Password – demostudent.”

BCC: “How do students gain access to library resources for research projects?”

JB: “Many sources are available in local libraries or through interlibrary loans. Online resources are also available. If students are unable to obtain any book which is in the CBC library, they may request a copy from the library.”

BCC: “Students often want to know if they will have contact with other students.”

JB: “Yes, they will go through each course with a cohort group of other students, and many of their assignments will involve interaction with these students.”

BCC: “Students also want to know how much contact they will have with their instructors.”

JB: “Instructors will evaluate the assignments students submit and will oversee the discussion on the online forum. In addition, students may contact their instructor with questions at any time.

BCC: “John, thank you for your leadership of this innovative online program, and thank you for alerting our BCC readership to this new equipping resource.”

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