The Top 10 Most Popular BCC Book Reviews of 2011

December 29, 2011


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The Top 10 Most Popular BCC Book Reviews of 2011

As we come to the end of 2011, and the end of the launch year of the Biblical Counseling Coalition, we want to link you to our top 10 BCC Book Reviews of 2011 (most read, most popular).

1. Equipping Counselors for Your Church authored by Bob Kellemen, reviewed by Jonathan Holmes

2. What Did You Expect? authored by Paul Tripp, book interview by the BCC Staff

3. Redemption by Mike Wilkerson, reviewed by Rob Green

4. Crosstalk authored by Mike Emlet, reviewed by Bob Kellemen

5. Psychology and Christianity: Five Views edited by Eric Johnson, reviewed by Jeff Forrey

6. Marriage Matters authored by Winston Smith, reviewed by Rob Green

7. Give Them Grace authored by Elyse Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thompson, reviewed by Bob Kellemen

8. How People Change authored by Paul Tripp and Tim Lane, reviewed by Greg Wilson

9. Psychology in the Spirit authored by John Coe and Todd Hall, reviewed by Bob Kellemen

10. Running Scared authored by Ed Welch, reviewed by Jonathan Holmes

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What was your favorite BCC book review of 2011 (of these listed or of any BCC reviews in 2011)? Why was it most helpful to you in your life and ministry?

One thought on “The Top 10 Most Popular BCC Book Reviews of 2011

  1. I did love “Give Them Grace,” but have yet to read the others. I also liked “The Organized Heart” by Staci Eastin. I have shared that book with women at church who also loved it and have given it as gifts. Currently it is loaned out.

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