The Top 25 Most Popular BCC Blog Posts of 2011

December 28, 2011


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The Top 25 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2011

As we come to the end of 2011, and the end of the launch year of the Biblical Counseling Coalition, we want to link you to our top 25 BCC Grace & Truth Blog Posts of 2011 (most read, most popular).

1. So What About Masturbation? by Brad Bigney

2. How Do We Overcome Sexual Sin? by Bob Kellemen

3. Who Pays for Your Spouse’s Sin? by Rick Thomas

4. Lonely Me, A Pastoral Perspective by Steve Dewitt

5. Five Internet Monitoring Approaches for Parents by Luke Gilkerson

6. Defining Biblical Counseling by the BCC Staff

7. 50+ Christian Blogs to Bookmark by the BCC Staff

8. Gaining a Balanced Picture on God’s Counsel by Stuart Scott

9. When Comfort Isn’t Comforting, Part 1 by Amy Baker

10. Suicide, Salvation, and Eternal Security by Bob Kellemen

11. The Ultimate Lens on Life by Paul Tripp

12. Masturbation: So What’s the Way Out? by Brad Bigney

13. Why Do I Keep Doing the Same Sin Over and Over, Part 1 by Rick Thomas

14. Precision within Idolatry by Brad Hambrick

15. Grace for Regretful Parents, Too by Elyse Fitzpatrick

16. Biblical Counseling and Its Neighbors: Conversations Over the Fence by Ed Welch

17. Depression and the Ministry, Part 1: The Set-Up by Paul Tripp

18. Can or Should We Identify Idols? by Brad Hambrick

19. The Sin of Insecurity by Jeremy Pierre

20. Gospel Imperatives and Gospel Indicatives: Reflections of a Biblical Counselor by Rob Green

21. Gospel-Centered Biblical Counseling by Jeremy Lelek

22. Why Do We Fight? Part 1: The Source of Our Conflict by Paul Tautges

23. Friday Five to Live By (June 10 Edition) by BCC Staff

24. Should I Try to Forget My Past? by Bob Kellemen

25. A Counselor’s Temptation by Jonathan Holmes

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What was your favorite BCC Grace & Truth blog post of 2011 (of these listed or of any BCC posts in 2011)? Why was it most helpful to you in your life and ministry?