Biblical Counseling Symposium – Bob Kellemen

December 22, 2011


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What is the state of biblical counseling? What is the future of biblical counseling? How do we even define the term “biblical counseling?”

On May 14, from 6:30-9:30 PM at Christ Chapel Bible Church in Fort Worth, TX four leaders from four counseling organizations gathered for three hours to discuss from their various perspectives biblical counseling:

  1. Dr. David Powlison, Editor of the Journal of Biblical Counseling and leader in the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation.
  2. Dr. Steve Viars, Senior Pastor Faith Baptist Church and leader of Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries.
  3. Dr. Eric Johnson, Director of the Society for Christian Psychology and Professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
  4. Dr. Bob Kellemen, Director of the Biblical Counseling and Spiritual Formation Network and Chairman of the Christian Counseling and Discipleship Department at Capital Bible Seminary.

The purpose of the Symposium was to provide a platform of conversation that would:

  1. Allow discussion from various perspectives in biblical and Christian counseling.
  2. Provide panel members an opportunity to model Christian character when discussing areas of disagreement within Christian and biblical counseling.
  3. Identify distinctions among panel members.
  4. Identify areas of commonality among panel members.
  5. Allow panel members to identify areas of potential collaboration in reestablishing Scripture as the basis and lens of all things “Christian counseling.”
  6. Allow panel members to consider areas of potential collaboration in restoring “soul care” to the Body of Christ.