The BCC Weekend Interview Series: Connecting with the BC World

December 11, 2011


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Weekend Interview

As part of our BCC vision, we want to point you to the best of the best in robust, relational, biblical counseling. Each week we’re posting (and then making available as an ongoing resource) interviews with churches, para-church groups, educational institutions, and individuals committed to biblical counseling.

This weekend’s interview is unique, as we’re posting about how to connect with those who love biblical counseling.

Do You Love Biblical Counseling?

Do you love biblical counseling? That’s not a “deep” question. It’s a rhetorical question. If you’re a reader of our Grace & Truth blog, then your answer is obvious: “Yes, I love biblical counseling.”

We share a love for “changing lives with Christ’s changeless truth.” We love thinking about how we can equip one another to “speak the truth in love” so we all “grow up in Christ.

We also love talking about, conversing about, and connecting around issues related to biblical counseling: Christian living, progressive sanctification, the sufficiency and relevancy of Scripture, equipping the saints, one-another ministry, spiritual friendship, and much more.

Let’s Connect on Twitter

So… Let’s connect. Here’s a very simple “take-away” this weekend. Let’s connect.

Do you love biblical counseling? Connect on Twitter using the Twitter hashtag: #BibleCn

Spread the word. If you’re on Twitter, share with your followers this simple message:

Do you love biblical counseling? Connect on Twitter using: #BibleCn

It’s 73 characters. Which means you have another 67 characters to include an @namename or two and still leave room for a re-tweet.

Let’s use #BibleCn to “notify” each other and everyone else whenever we share a tweet or link related to biblical counseling.

You can also connect by following the Biblical Counseling Coalition on Twitter @biblicalcc. Retweet us and get the word out about biblical counseling.

Join the Conversation on Facebook

The Biblical Counseling Coalition also has a Facebook page. “Fan” us and follow our daily updates with links and information important to all those who love biblical counseling. Post your thoughts and your links on issues related to and impacted by biblical counseling.

Spread the Word

Tell others about the BCC so that the BCC can tell others about BC—about biblical counseling. We want to be a megaphone for the best of the best in biblical counseling—you can enhance and increase the volume of our megaphone for the biblical counseling world.

Tell others about the following links. Post them in your church bulletin. Put them in your class syllabus. Share them on your blog, on your website, on Twitter, Facebook, and Linked-in.

Links to highlight:

Join the Conversation

Why do you love biblical counseling?