The BCC Weekend Interview Series: What’s New with the Association of Biblical Counselors?

November 26, 2011


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As part of our BCC vision, we want to point you to the best of the best in robust, relational, biblical counseling. Each week we’re posting (and then making available as an ongoing resource) interviews with churches, para-church groups, educational institutions, and individuals committed to biblical counseling.

The Association of Biblical Counselors: What’s New?

Jeremy LelekOn May 14, 2011, we highlighted the Association of Biblical Counselors (ABC) in our Weekend Interview Series. They’re a growing organization, so we invited their President, Jeremy Lelek, back for another interview.

BCC: “Jeremy, welcome back. There’s a lot happening at the ABC. We hear you have a newly designed and re-launched web site. Tell us what folks can find there.”

ABC: “Yes. The new website is incredible, and offers many new features for members and non-members alike! Here are just a few:

  • “ABC’s newly designed journal, the Journal of Counseling and Discipleship. Our editor, Brad Hambrick, has done an outstanding job of recruiting excellent biblical authors from around the country to contribute to the journal. The new format is also very well designed, and allows readers to search by topic while also being able to download individual articles for specific ministry use. Readers can get a preview of the new journal by clicking on the following link: The journal goes out quarterly to members. Non-members can subscribe to the journal as well.
  • The new site also offers an excellent blog with premiere authors in biblical counseling including Paul Tripp, Elyse Fitzpatrick, Bob Kellemen, Leslie Vernick, and Jay Younts (among many others).
  • The Biblical Counseling Network (BCN) is also a new and exciting feature on the website. ABC is creating a very nice and searchable database of biblical counselors and churches around the world. We receive many inquiries for counseling because our URL is “”.  We wanted to capitalize on the opportunity this creates by pointing those in need to quality counseling ministries around the world. If anyone reading this interview is interested in being listed in the network, please take a look at the following link, and contact us. We want to work together to create a quality resource for those in need! The BCN can be found here. As you will see, there are just a few ministries listed so we need the help of our friends in biblical counseling to get this map completely filled.
  • The new site also offers those interested in certification the opportunity to receive such training completely on-line through the Center for Church Equipping. ABC has an unbelievable curriculum, written by Dr. John Henderson, called Equipped to Counsel that serves as our Level I Certification. Once individuals receive certification, we then utilize the new book by Dr. Bob Kellemen, Equipping Counselors For Your Church wherein Dr. Kellemen offers a very detailed guide to building what he calls a “church of biblical counseling.” For Level I students, the site provides all video lessons of the training on-site, featuring Dr. John Henderson as lecturer. Assignments are emailed to our training center here in Texas where students receive guidance and feedback from very skilled biblical counselors. We are also very glad to let people know that our certification is not only very convenient, but extremely affordable. Readers can learn more about ABC’s certification here.
  • The Center for Pastoral Life and Care is also a new ministry “in process” through ABC. The center’s director is Dr. Paul Tripp, and will offer many helpful resources and effective ministry to pastors as they navigate the life of ministry which can often be stressful. Dr. Tripp discusses his vision here.
  • There are many, many other features for members on the new site including easy-to-use resources and many audio and video training seminars.

To say the least, we are very excited about the new site, and what it offers to people around the country and the world!”

BCC: “We understand that you already have plans well underway for the ABC’s 2012 National Conference. What do you have in store for those who attend?”

ABC: “Absolutely. The 2012 conference is going to take place on April 26th-28th, and will again be hosted by The Village Church. The title this year is Wonderful Counselor: The Supremacy of Christ in the Cure of Souls. ABC’s conferences combine the wisdom of gifted pastors and the skill of experienced counselors to effectively demonstrate the relevance of the Bible in all spheres of life. Our pastors this year include Kevin DeYoung, Tullian Tchividjian, and Paul Tripp, and they will be taking attendees through the book of Colossians. A major theme of the conference will obviously be the supremacy of Jesus in all of life, and much will be offered about the imperatives and the indicatives of the Gospel. A few of our counselors that will offer very practical seminars include Elyse Fitzpatrick, Leslie Vernick, and John Henderson. It will be a phenomenal time of worship and study. If readers are available in April, I assure them, they will be deeply blessed by joining us!”      

BCC: “Jeremy, in addition to the website and conferences, which everyone can benefit from, you offer special ABC member benefits. Could you tell our readers about those?”

ABC: “Membership in the ABC:

  • Gives you access to over 100 high-quality, easy to use biblical counseling handouts and assessments.
  • Grants you access to our quarterly state-of-the-art e-Journal, The Journal of Counseling and Discipleship.
  • Opens the door for you to become certified in biblical counseling through the ABC.
  • Makes you eligible for discounts on all purchases and conferences offered by the ABC.
  • Gives you affiliation with one of the fastest growing biblical counseling ministries in the world.

Additionally membership in the ABC helps support:

  • The work of the Center for Pastoral Life and Care; a ministry dedicated to helping pastors and their families.
  • The work of the Center for Church Equipping; a ministry dedicated to equipping churches throughout the WORLD.
  • The work of the Center for Professional Soul Care; a ministry designed to help professionals enhance their skills using the Bible in their counseling ministries.
  • The work of Hope Prison Outreach; a ministry dedicated to developing sound biblical resources to help men in prison understand the message of the Gospel as it pertains to the whole of their lives.”

BCC: “And you recently announced the ABC 2011 Membership Drive. Tell us about that.”

ABC: “If a person enlists five people during the next 90 days, or for a donation of $500 or more, the ABC will send them a complimentary DVD set of the 2011 National Conference, The Groaning Cosmos, with Matt Chandler, Tullian Tchividjian, Paul Tripp, Elyse Fitzpatrick and more. To learn more about the ABC’s Membership Drive people can:

BCC: “Jeremy, thank you for this update on the ministry of the ABC. And thank you for your ministry.”