Gaining a Balanced Picture on God’s Counsel

November 21, 2011


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Whether we are engaged in the private ministry of the Word of God as pastors, missionaries, counselors, or just a concerned brother or sister in Christ, it is important to answer the question, “What is thorough, biblical help?” Surely, the answer to that question must always be faithfulness and accuracy as we study and apply the Scriptures to our lives and in ministry for God’s glory. We must continually adjust the picture of our counsel to that of God’s.

Still, from God’s Word we understand so much about how to help those in need. We must strive to know fully the person in front of us, and their situation. We must humbly help them as a compassionate fellow-sinner and sufferer. We must give them Christ and His truth. We must encourage a true repentance from their sins and futile pursuits. We must guide them to a personal knowledge of their God that impacts their heart and the matters of life daily. We must practically assist them in their trials and weaknesses. We must encourage them to be immersed and serving in the community of saints. And surely, we must teach them to live for the Glory of God. But these things in view, from the Word of God, what can we ascertain about the working emphases of our counsel in which these important goals must operate? Is it singular or plural?

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