The BCC Weekend Interview Series: The Biblical Counseling Center

November 19, 2011


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Weekend Interview

As part of our BCC vision, we want to point you to the best of the best in robust, relational biblical counseling. Each week we’re posting (and then making available as an ongoing resource) interviews with churches, para-church groups, educational institutions, and individuals committed to biblical counseling.

The Biblical Counseling Center

Ron_AllchinThis week we highlight the ministry of The Biblical Counseling Center of Arlington Heights, IL. To learn more about their biblical counseling ministry, we interviewed Ron Allchin, their Executive Director, and his wife Sherry Allchin, a counselor/teacher at the center.

Sherry_Allchin BCC: “Ron, please tell our readers about your mission and vision. What is the Biblical Counseling center all about? Who is your primary audience?”

“The mission of the Biblical Counseling Center is to equip the local church through counseling training, counseling resources, and counseling. Our vision is to work ourselves out of a job by training those in local churches to do the work of counseling one another (Gal 6:1-5). The Biblical Counseling Center is about making followers of Jesus Christ, people who will love God with their whole heart and obey His Word with humility and grace.”

BCC: “What is the history of your ministry/organization? Tell us your story.”

RA/SA: We (Dr. Ron Allchin and Sherry) came to the Chicagoland area in 1989 to develop a Biblical counseling ministry that has since grown to three locations, six counselors, and a number of support staff. Ron is the Executive Director and serves with a board of eight godly pastors and businessmen who oversee the not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization. The Biblical Counseling Center  is an approved training center for the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors (NANC) and the International Association of Biblical Counselors (IABC). All of our counselors have advanced degrees in Biblical Counseling and have years of experience in counseling. As a staff, we have trained many thousands of pastors and lay counselors across the US and in many other countries.”

BCC: “What is your succinct definition of biblical counseling?”

RA/SA: “We would outline our definition as:

  • Intensified, personalized discipleship;
  • Helping believers find guidance in the Word of God for their difficult trials;
  • Pointing hurting people to the comfort found only in Christ;
  • Helping those who have lost their way to return to their first love for the Lord;
  • Helping those who struggle with addictive behaviors to find freedom in Christ;
  • Proclaiming the gospel for sanctification as well as for salvation.”

BCC: “Share a little bit about your staff—who works with you and in what roles?”

RA/SA: “Our staff includes:

  • Dr. Ron Allchin, D.Min. – Executive Director
  • Sherry Allchin, M.A. – Counselor/Teacher
  • Pastor Tim Allchin, M.Div. – Counselor/Teacher
  • Karen Coulter, M.A. – Counselor
  • Don Hart, M.R.E. – Counselor/Teacher
  • Jeff Temple, M.A. – Counselor/Teacher, Academic Director
  • Mike Sheffer – Director of Development
  • Ron Allchin, Jr. – Director of Media Production
  • Mark Madsen – IT
  • Kim Cunningham – Secretary/Receptionist
  • Linda Powell – Bookkeeper/Receptionist
  • Jacki Dykstra – Receptionist”

BCC: “What are the types of resources (books, pamphlets, audio/video, book reviews, articles, journals, blogs) that people can find at your site/through your ministry?”

RA/SA: “Our resources include:

  • A bookstore in each of our offices and also at our website/resources;
  • Resource books by biblical counselors on various topical counseling issues;
  • Training seminars designed to equip the lay counselor for ministry;
  • CDs and DVDs to address specific counseling issues and on-going training;
  • Online training toward a Certificate in Biblical Counseling;
  • Archive of articles by BCC staff on various counseling topics at our website;
  • E-counselor Weekly e-mailed to your inbox (sign up online).”

BCC: “What upcoming conferences, seminars, classes, and other training opportunities do you have in the next year? Which ones do you repeat each year as annual events?”

RA/SA: “Each Spring and Fall we present live training seminars in area local churches. See our website for details or to register: To receive a Certificate in Biblical Counseling—attend or take online all four training seminars, complete the assignments and take exams.”

BCC: “Ron and Sherry, how can people be praying for you and your ministry?”

RA/SA: “We’d appreciate your prayers for:

  • God to bring those to us that we are to counsel or train for His glory;
  • A fruitful ministry as we point people to Christ and His Word for comfort and direction; for wisdom for each counselor and counselee;
  • God to provide the necessary financial resources to do training internationally in impoverished places like Cuba, Africa, and India;
  • Funds to cover counseling for those who cannot afford to pay.”

BCC: “How can people contact and connect with you?”

RA/SA: “The Biblical Counseling Center has three locations.

  • 3233 N. Arlington Heights Rd, Ste. 302, Arlington Heights IL 60004
  • 833 W. Lincoln Highway, Ste. 115 W., Schererville IN, 46375
  • 25 W Big Hollow Rd., Rt. 12 &134, Fox Lake IL 60020

We can be contacted by phone at: 847-398-7193, on the web at:, and by email at:”

BCC: “Thank you, Ron and Sherry, for your ministry and for helping our readers to learn more about how you serve Christ and the Body of Christ through the Biblical Counseling Center.”