Friday’s Five to Live By

September 23, 2011


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Friday's Five To Live By

Each Friday our BCC staff links you to the top five biblical counseling and Christian living blog posts of the week—posts that provide robust, rich, and relevant insights for living.

Gospel Imperatives and the OT Law

The Christian blogosphere has been abuzz with posts about gospel indicatives and gospel imperatives. Dr. Bob Kellemen at his RPM Ministries’ site provides his view on one slice of the issue. Engage his thinking in Gospel Imperatives Do Not Equal the OT Law.

Church Membership

Pastor Paul Tautges provides biblical insight into church membership in 6 Reasons to Be a Faithful Member of a Local Church.

Discipline the Tongue

Pastor Mark Dutton is in the midst of a multi-part blog series on the tongue. Read Part 3 and find links to the first two parts in The Tongue: How to Discipline a Fire.

Pastoral Titles

Pastor Brian Croft addresses an important but oft-neglected issue of the titles we give our church leaders. Ponder his thoughts, along with a link to 9Marks’ fuller discussion, at How Should a Church Label the Different Pastors?


Dr. Bob Smith of Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries encourages and urges us to watch our aroma. As he powerful says it:

The purpose of this post is to encourage believers to work on being a pleasant aroma to those around them. Does your spouse enjoy being with you because the aromatic pleasant character of Christ is present in your home? Do your children like having you around because they like your aromatic influence? Do your coworkers and neighbors like being around you because the perfume of the pleasant qualities of Christ are present in you? Do you gripe and complain about life or is there much thanksgiving in your speech? Do people hear you being critical or praising others? Are you frequently seeing the negative aspects of life or are you seeing God’s blessings in life? It is obvious to others which you see. Is your environment “filled with the fragrance of the perfume” of Jesus Christ that comes from you?

Read the rest at Aroma.

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Which post impacted you the most? Why? What blog posts on biblical counseling and Christian living have you enjoyed this week that you want to share with others?