Who Or What Is God In My Life?

September 15, 2011


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Read the verses and read the explanations given below for each of the metaphors used to describe God. The New American Standard was used as the basis of the metaphors. The purpose of this study is twofold to help you develop the same type of testimony David has and to reveal to you who or what is taking the place of God in your life now.

Verse One: “strength”–means, “to bind fast”(for example with nails); “support”, like a retaining wall or buttress. Used over 30 times in Nehemiah for the rebuilding/repairing of the walls of Jerusalem.

David describes God as his strength. In other words, God is his support, his buttress.
What is my support? What is it that I rely upon to make me strong? What gives me strength to get through life? What do I lean upon when life is tough? Who do I turn to?

Verse Two: “Rock”-also translated by a “cliff”, a “place to hide” (a cleft in the rock)
David says that the LORD is his place to hide. What do I hide in? What do I find shelter in and derive comfort from?

“Fortress”-“stronghold”, a castle on a mountain (for example, Herod's famous Masada near the Dead Sea)
David flees to the LORD as his fortress; he takes refuge from the pressures of life in Him.
Who or what do I typically flee to in the storms of life? What is my refuge? Who do I rim to for help?

“Deliverer”-the One who helps me escape or rescues me (used of survivors from battle). Who or what am I turning to for help in escaping the pressures of life, the battles of life? What are my escapes? Who is my rescuer?

“Rock” is a different word than above meaning boulder. In Psalm 62:1-3 (also 6-7) it is used of the person who is confident because their faith/trust is in the LORD. Their trust is in Him so therefore they will not be “greatly shaken.” Who or what is my confidence that leads me to believe that I will not be greatly shaken?

“Shield”-small, maneuverable shield (see also verses 30 and 35 and Psalm 28:7). What are my shields in life? What am I hiding behind? Who or what am I trusting in to protect me? What are my defense mechanisms?

“Horn of my salvation”-Horn, representing strength (Used of the hams of the altar representing the power and presence of the LORD; also of horns in battle). What do I cling to when I'm attacked? What trumpet do I start blowing? What would victory be to me? What would win the battle for me so that I could have peace? What is my salvation that makes life livable? What do I turn to as a weapon to win peace in my life? What power do I use to deal with enemies/pressures?

“Stronghold”-“fort on high ground”(Psalm 46:7 is the next place where it used). What walls do I hide behind? What do I bury myself in? What do you immerse yourself in when the pressure is on? What do I count on to have an advantage over others?

Verse three: “And I am saved from my enemies.” What is causing pressure? What are my enemies? Am I doing what David did under pressure? What are the giants or enemies in my life (people, emotions, habits)?

Questions for Reflection

David says that God is all these things to him. Is God these things to me? What is taking God's rightful place? Do I give more devotion, zeal, energy or passion to these than my relationship with the LORD? What can I do to put the LORD in His rightful place? What thinking do I need to change? What verses should I memorize to help with my thinking? Who can hold me accountable?