September 15, 2011


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I am grateful to the LORD for the opportunity to meet with you and sincerely desire to understand what is happening in your life.  To get started could you tell me your “storee?”  “Storee” is a way for me to get some general information about what is going on.  Your answers can be as long as you like but please give me at least a few sentences for each letter of the acronym.  Thank you for your help and I will be prayerfully anticipating our meeting. 

SSituation:  What are the circumstances?   How old are you?  What’s going on in your life?  What are the names of family members?  What seems to be the main problem?  How do you hope I can help you?

TThinking:  What is your typical thinking about this situation (what goes through your mind regularly)?   What do you think or wonder about yourself in relation to the situation?   What do you think of others in relation to the situation?  What do you like to think about in general?  What do you do to occupy your mind?

OOthers: How are others involved?  How does this issue impact others?  What have others done to compound or alleviate the problem?

RResponse:  What are you doing about this issue?  What have you done to try to address this issue in the past?  How do you react when this issue is a problem?  What are your typical actions or reactions to this problem (e.g. “I get angry and go for a drive”)?   When you are feeling pressure in life how does it come out?  What do you do?  How are you sleeping?

EEmotions:  What are your typical emotions?  What do you fear?  What makes you feel anxious? What makes you angry?  What would make you happy, related to this situation?  What would give you peace, related to this situation?

EExpectations:  What do you desire related to the situation?  What would you like?  What are you getting that you don’t want?  What do you want that you aren’t getting?  What do you think you need (e.g. “I need respect”)?  What are you hoping will happen through counseling?