A Plan For Change

September 14, 2011


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PIP Contract

  1. Describe the problem in detail—be specific. How does the problem show up in your behavior, words, thoughts, attitudes, emotions? When, where and with whom does it appear? How often is it a problem? How intense? How long-standing? What was the starting point? What has helped in the past? What has hindered change?
  2. Identify your goals for working on this problem.
  3. This behavior or attitude comes from what heart idolatry? Please be specific. For example, “I desire and live to keep things under control.” Or, “I make people my refuge.”
  4. Have you asked the Lord’s forgiveness? When will you?
  5. Have you asked the forgiveness of anyone who has been impacted by this? If not, when will you?
  6. In what ways do you need to die to this idolatry? What behavior or attitude needs to be “put off”? How could you or should you practice the principle of “radical amputation,” demonstrating your sincere desire to change (Matt 5:28-30; Col 3:5)?
  7. What behavior or attitude needs to be “put on”?
  8. How will you do this and when?
  9. How do you need to grow in your love for or trust in the Lord related to this/these areas?
  10. How will you do this and when?
  11. Who will you ask to hold you accountable, and how will they do it? Ideally, this should be someone in your local church or a close brother or sister in Christ.
  12. What literature do you need to read that addresses this subject?
  13. What verses do you need to memorize, meditate on or study?