The Mission and Message of CCEF

September 13, 2011

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Tim Lane

The Mission and Message of CCEF

BCC Staff Note: A major part of our BCC vision is to be a “megaphone” for the biblical counseling world. Today’s post provides us an opportunity to help all of our readers to learn more about the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation (CCEF).

CCEF has a unique mission and a unique message.

For over forty years God has used CCEF to speak faithfully and humbly to the problems that people experience. We continue to grow and learn every year. We know firsthand that people’s experience of pain should be taken seriously. Complex problems demand thoughtful answers and patient counsel.

Our message, as captured by faculty member Ed Welch’s popular blog post, “No More Minimizing Pain,” is simple yet profound: only the gospel of Christ can satisfy a suffering soul. People are meant to “speak both the joys and sorrows” of life to the Lord. Why? Because God cares about the details of our lives.

We also know that God intends the local church to provide the context in which suffering people find wise counsel and support. That is why CCEF exists—to come alongside churches and support them in their ministry.

CCEF has been working on significant developments and improvements this year.

  • Web: We continue to provide free content on the web, including weekly blog posts on a variety of counseling topics. We are also developing a new website that will have an updated look and increased functionality.
  • Distance Education: We are in the process of capturing and editing our classes in video format. We are also looking into new delivery systems to enable students to access course content seamlessly.
  • Journal of Biblical Counseling: Our authors are busy writing articles, and we plan to launch the JBC online in 2012.
  • Training: We have doubled the number of students in our internship program again this year in order to equip and train new leaders for the church. By doing so, we continue to pursue our mission of “restoring counseling to the church.”

All of these endeavors are costly and cannot be accomplished without you. We are a non-profit organization, and we need your financial gift so that we can continue our ministry. With your gift, we can fulfill our mission and reach new people with our message. Please consider how you can partner with us in our ministry to Christ’s church. For your convenience, you can give a secure gift on-line at and click on the “donate” tab.

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