How to Care Like Christ: Changing Lives with Christ’s Changeless Truth

September 7, 2011


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NOTE: Below are excerpts from the two attached Powerpoint files.

Why We Are Here

Everyone talks about biblical ministry, but how do we make one another ministry truly biblical? We are here to learn how to use God’s Word accurately, powerfully, and lovingly. You are here to be equipped to become an artful soul physician by developing a Christ-centered, comprehensive, compassionate, culturally-informed biblical model of people helping, counseling, and one another ministry that values and applies the sufficiency, supremacy, authority, profundity, and relevancy of Scripture to change lives with Christ’s changeless truth.

Everyone wants to “do biblical ministry” and to “be a spiritual friend,” but what does it actually “look like” in practice? We are here to learn how to use God’s Word to empathize, encourage, enlighten, and empower others. You are here to be equipped to become a skillful spiritual friend by developing the biblical soul care and spiritual direction arts of sustaining, healing, reconciling, and guiding to care like Christ.

God’s Solution: Redemption

In how you live and in how you minister, what difference could it make if you:

  • Grasped the big picture that the Bible is comedy not tragedy?
  • Applied justification: our new pardon/forgiveness?
  • Applied reconciliation: our new peace/family/new nurture?
  • Applied regeneration: our new person/purity/heart/new nature?
  • Applied redemption: our new power/victory?


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