Equipping Counselors for Your Church: The 4E Ministry Training Strategy

September 7, 2011


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NOTE: Attached below are a Microsoft Word document and five Powerpoint presentations that together can be used as a personal training seminar. To read more about the book Equipping Counselors for Your Chuch: The 4E Ministry Training Strategy, check out the BCC's Interview with author Bob Kellemen.

I.  Envisioning God’s Ministry: 2 Timothy 1:6-7

A. More Than Counseling: Catching God’s Vision for the Entire Church

B. Examining Heart Health: Diagnosing Congregational and Community Fitness

C. Dreaming God’s Dream: Jointly Crafting Your MVP-C Statement

  1. Mission Statement: Your God-Given Ministry Calling and Purpose
  2. Vision Statement: Your Unique Ministry Dream, DNA, and Fingerprint
  3. Passion Statement: Your Captivating Ministry Identity and Imprint
  4. Commission Statement: Your Strategic Ministry MAP—Ministry Action Plan

II. Enlisting God’s Ministers for Ministry: 2 Timothy 2:2

A. Shepherding the Transformation: Cultivating a Climate for Ongoing Ownership

  1. Preparing the Congregation for Change: Relational Change Management
  2. Building Bridges and Breaking Down Barriers: Biblical Conflict Resolution

B. Mobilizing the Ministers: Nurturing a Family and Building a Team  

  1. Conducting Christ’s Opus: Saturating the Congregation with One-Another Ministers
  2. Calling People to Connection: What People Need to Know about Your Ministry
  3. Matching the Right People to the Right Ministry: What You Need to Know about Ministers

III.  Equipping Godly Ministers for Ministry: Ephesians 4:11-16; Romans 15:14

A. Competent to Counsel: The Résumé of the Biblical Counselor

  1. Biblical Content: How to Change Lives with Christ’s Changeless Truth—Head
  2. Christ-like Character: How to Be Like Christ—Heart
  3. Counseling Competence: How to Care Like Christ—Hands
  4. Christian Community: How to Grow Together in Christ—Home

B. Mapping Our Focused Curriculum: Core Proficiencies of Competent Biblical Counselors

C. Transformational Training Strategies and Methods: Equipping Competent Biblical Counselors

IV.  Empowering/Employing Godly Ministers for Ministry: Matthew 22:35-40; 28:18-20

A. Orchestrating Ministries for God’s Glory: Organizing the Organism

  1. Launching Ministries Built to Last: Administrating Ministries
  2. Leading Ministries from Good to Great: Mentoring/Supervising Ministers
  3. Leaving a Lasting Legacy of Loving Leaders: Passing the Baton of Ministry

B. Practicing Ethical and Legal Wisdom in Ministry: Caring Carefully

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