Harvest Bible Chapel Advocate Manual

August 18, 2011


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“We believe it is time to redeem the word “counsel” to mean what God intended in Scripture. Good Christian counsel, or soul care, is biblically based, balanced in truth and grace, Christ-centered, Spirit-led, and prayer saturated. It is counsel that brings about Christ-likeness, a quieted soul, and targets lasting heart change. It is much more than a counseling method. It is a cultural philosophy that should affect every part of body life in any healthy, growing church.

“As a result, we require that each individual or couple coming to BSC for help come with an advocate. During the application process we encourage our counselees to prayerfully consider who will serve in this capacity for them: a concerned friend, mentor, ministry leader, or family member. 

“We encourage counselees to seek out advocates who exemplify the character qualities they desire to develop and who have a sincere love for God. The advocate should possess a growing knowledge of the Word, a willingness to attend counseling, and a desire to grow and change with counselees. Finally, we ask that advocates commit to humbly walk beside the counselee(s) for at least six months following intensive or corrective counseling.”