A Compassionate Look at Complex Problems: Psychiatric Disorders

July 24, 2011


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The 2011 CCEF National Conference

The BCC wants to encourage you to consider attending the 2011 CCEF National Conference in Louisville, KY from October 21-23, 2011.

For all the information you need, including brochures, registration, speaker and topic lists, and more, visit the CCEF Conference Page.

To invite others to attend, visit the CCEF page Don’t Go It Alone.

For a list of speakers, visit the CCEF Speakers’ Page.

A Compassionate Look at Complex Problems

How do you help someone who seems too hard to reach? Who’s the person behind the diagnosis?

The church tends to back away from complex problems. Psychiatry is tasked with addressing these problems, but every thoughtful psychiatrist knows that troubled people need more than meds: they need meaning and relationship.

The goal of this conference is to equip you with a clearer understanding of complex problems, a compassion for troubled people, and the ability to engage with strugglers and helpers in the church and the world.

The CCEF National Conference is designed to:

  • Orient you to the various perspectives of the church, mental health system, and pop culture on psychiatric disorders.
  • Familiarize you with the strengths and weaknesses of diagnostic labels, treatments and tools.
  • Equip you with practical tools to understand and move toward others through applying the good news of the Gospel to complex psychiatric problems.
  • Provide you with Biblically sound, engaging, and practically helpful teaching.
  • Encourage you by connecting you to others who desire to be equipped with Biblical tools to counsel, lead, and help those who are suffering.

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2 thoughts on “A Compassionate Look at Complex Problems: Psychiatric Disorders

  1. Maybe the Lord will allow me to learn with you in Kentucky this October. He placed us right in the middle of a lot of hurting people, many of whom turn to medications because that’s what their Doctor says to do. I want to help the whole person. We must work around a lot of stereotying and assumptions by local agencies as well as build trust with the afflicted.

  2. I am excited to attend this conference. It will be my first CCEF conference and really am looking forward to it. I would love to meet up with others who are attending. Please feel free to contact me. pastormarkkelly @

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