BCC Interview: Faith Biblical Counseling Center

July 10, 2011


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As part of our BCC vision, we want to point you to the best of the best in robust, relational biblical counseling. Each week we’re posting (and then making available as an ongoing resource) interviews with churches, para-church groups, and individuals committed to biblical counseling.

Faith Biblical Counseling Center

This week we highlight the Faith Biblical Counseling Center which is a ministry of Faith Bible Church of Sharpsburg, Georgia. To learn more about their biblical counseling ministry, we interviewed author and biblical counselor, Martha Peace, who volunteers for their ministry.

BCC: “Martha, tell our readers about your biblical counseling ministry mission and vision.”

MP: “I am a volunteer counselor at Faith Biblical Counseling Center at Faith Bible Church in Sharpsburg, Georgia. The counseling center is a NANC certified training center under the direction of Pastor David Birch. We offer free biblical counseling to our church family and to the community. We also offer biblical counseling training classes and observation opportunities. My ministry is to counsel women and, on occasion, I work with one of our elders counseling couples.”

BCC: “What is the history of your biblical counseling ministry—tell us your story.”

MP: “I learned about biblical counseling about five years after the Lord had saved me. Lou Priolo came to the church where we were at that time and the first time I heard Lou speak, he talked about helping people with bitterness. Having a nursing/psychiatric background, I was amazed at how the Scriptures were ‘ringing true’ to me. I had a lot of re-thinking to do. In time, my husband, Sanford, and I took Lou’s courses and with my husband’s encouragement, I pursued NANC certification. I have been NANC certified since 1989.”

BCC: “What is your succinct definition of biblical counseling?”

MP: “Biblical counseling is a model of counseling that believes that God truly has given us ‘everything we need pertaining to life and godliness’ (2 Peter 1:3). Biblical counseling adheres to a high view of God and a biblically-accurate view of man. The counseling is Christ-centered and practical. Therefore, there is amazing hope and help.”

BCC: “How has your biblical counseling ministry impacted your church and community?”

MP: “We are a relatively new counseling ministry but our reputation is spreading throughout our community and more and more people are requesting help. Some are from other churches and some are un-churched or between churches. Often, counselees think they are Christians but, often, the counseling needs to begin with the gospel. We have seen people come to know the Lord and make astounding progress in a relatively short period of time.”

BCC: “What counsel would you give churches just starting to think about launching a biblical counseling equipping ministry in their church?”

MP: “I would recommend that they contact the NANC organization for guidance and resources.”

BCC: “Tell us about any resources (books, pamphlets, audio/video, book reviews, articles, journals, blogs) or seminars/conferences that you offer (either upcoming or annually).”

MP: “My books include, from Focus Publishing: The Excellent Wife, Becoming a Titus 2 Woman, Attitudes of a Transformed Heart, and Psychologized Man. From P&R Publishing: Damsels in Distress, Tying the Knot Tighter (co-authored with Pastor John Crotts), and The Faithful Parent (co-authored with Dr. Stuart Scott). For information on my speaking engagements, see my web site:”

BCC: “How can people be praying for your biblical counseling ministry?”

MP: “We currently have only three certified biblical counselors and are in need of more. At this time, there are four members of our church family working on NANC certification. Pray that God will give the counselors wisdom and grace to persevere. Pray that God will use our counseling ministry to bring many to faith in Christ.”

BCC: “How can people contact and connect with you?”

MP: “They can contact the church through Faith Bible Church, Sharpsburg, Georgia: They can connect with me through my site:”

BCC: “Martha, thanks so much. It has been great getting to know more about you, your local church counseling, and your writing and speaking ministry.”