Under Attack

June 27, 2011

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Paul Tripp

Under attack again.

Such is life

in a broken world

where sin still


where the enemy still


where broken


and broken


do not do the things

they were made to do.

Under attack again.

Why was I surprised?

Why did I give way

to anger

to fear

to discouragement

to vengeance

to questioning

the one thing that is





You have promised

to keep me

to protect me

to nurture me

to love me

to defend me

to defeat my foes.

I have rested

in the hollow of Your hand.

I have hidden

under the shelter of Your wing.

I have had Your peace

put me to sleep.

I have had Your presence

comfort my heart.

I have had Your Spirit

give me new strength.

Yet somehow

when under attack again

I forgot You

and in forgetting

I did what I


I said what gives me


I even questioned


The enemies I face

are too great.

The brokenness around me

is too pervasive.

The sin inside of me

I cannot escape.

So I have come home again,

home to this one thing

I daily need

in moments

mundane and great,

the rescue that

can be found only

in You.

I know that in the face of

Your wisdom

Your control

Your power

Your righteousness

the enemies of my soul

will stumble

will fall

will crumble in defeat.

When evil comes

and it will,

I will

remember You

run to You

believe in You

rest in You

and with

hands that are clean

and a

heart that is pure

I will fight evil,

not with words

of evil

or actions

of vengeance

but with the one thing

the enemy cannot defeat—

worship of You.

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